10 Blogging Lessons I learned from Cheeky Joes Café


September 17, 2013Blogging3 Comments

It is a good idea to take a break from your busy schedule and observe the surroundings. It will help you generate content ideas for your blog. I went to a local cafe to take a break and I started to look around for marketing and promotions that a local cafe can use to attract customers. This real world example applies to every blogger.

When you are in business you have to take care of every single element; place, ambience, food, quality and even customers. Similarly, visitors on your blog are your customers because they will interact and do actions on your blog just like a café example where people come and buy coffee or food. When you are managing a blog keep these in your mind.


ambience of your blog

When you visit any restaurant or a café, ambience is very important to attract customers. You will notice that people prefer to visit places with dark interior and low light decorations because it gives a luxurious feeling.

Similarly, your blog outlook is an ambience for every visitor. Every visitor on the internet make a decision in seconds whether to stay on the page or leave. If you have an attractive and interactive blog, you will see a decrease in bounce rate. Check ambience of your blog, you can ask your friends or fellow bloggers to audit your blog for look and feel.


layout of your blog

Interior is very important for any down-town café you visit because these are according to the customer demands. McDonalds, Hardies and Burger King have similar interior because they want to serve maximum customers in shortest time. Hence, they have uncomfortable plastic seats or metal seats that you cannot sit for too long. On the other hand, a lavish café or a coffee shop may use comfortable interior because they want people to come and spend time. It gives you a comfortable and soothing feeling.

Your blog layout is interior of your blog and it matters how you decorate your blog with different items. Note down every element of your blog and decide what you need to populate each item with. Your calls to actions are very important and you want visitors to stay on your blog. Unless, you are an authority or a brand like McDonalds or Burger king that you don’t need to worry about customers.

Unique Selling Prepositions (USP)

unique selling propositions for your blog

When you decide to visit a café what do you think the most? Your most important consideration might be that food is good or certain item in the menu is delicious. You visit Star Bucks for your favourite coffee and Burger King for your tasty burgers. I visit Cheeky Joes Café for coffee and their Turkey Club Sandwich that I love.

You need to define what is your USP? What value propositions you are offering to visitors through your blog? Let’s take an example of Traffic Generation Café by Ana Hoffman; her USP is helping people with generating more traffic to their blog. Define your blog USP and what you want to accomplish from the blog? My blog is all about Internet Marketing and Marketing intelligence based on my personal opinions.

Menu Items

categories on your blog

In any café, menu items are very important to attract customers. Some cafes offer multiple food items differentiated by categories (like my blog) and some offer speciality items, like a coffee shop or a pizza shop.

You need to properly define your content in each category. Select only those categories that defines your blog. I have seen some people talking about random stuff on travelling blog. I don’t know how can you relate with idea of your blog.


content of your blog

Content is the final cooked food of your blog that you write. It is important that you stick to your subject to write compelling posts. You need to look for ideas about what people are searching and what is trending.

You cannot run a cafe copying recipes from another restaurant. Similarly, you cannot copy content or ideas from another blog. Defining your USPs will help you write better for the right audience. I cannot focus more on the importance of content.

Greet your Customers

greet your blog visitors

When you enter into any cafe, employees of the cafe will always greet you with a smile. It gives a very good gesture of friendliness.

When someone visits your blog, place a call to action in your content. It can be a greeting to subscribe to your RSS feed. There are plugins like WP Greet for setting up multiple greet messages for visitors.


add video to your blog

You will notice a large LCD in every cafe these days. People aren’t interested in watching what’s on TV, but they will keep looking while talking to each other. It is a good attention grabber and call to action to stay in the cafe for a longer period of time.

You can make an introductory video or if you are camera shy, you can make an animated video for your blog. It is very helpful in reducing bounce rate of your blog. Place in such a place where people can easily watch it on your blog.

Raw Materials

search for content ideas on google or search engines

Every cafe needs to buy items before they can sell to their customers. They buy from wholesalers on daily or weekly basis to provide you fresh items.

Search engines is our wholesalers when we have to collect information. You can daily see thousands of news and blog updates. It is a very good starting point to collect information and ideas for your content.

Building Relationship

build relationship with your visitors

Have you ever notice that when you visit a cafe frequently. They will start treating you like you are very valuable. Sometimes they will offer you complimentary desserts or starters. It is to keep you as a returning customer.

How many returning visitors are on your blog? Remember, you can build relations with your visitors by interacting with them. Start asking them about certain features or ask for the feedback. You can run give-aways or contests to engage customers and collect their email addresses. You can email them once a week to tell about latest updates and they will come to your blog regularly.

Customer Feedback

ask for feeback from visitors

You will often notice a customer feedback or survey when you are going to pay your bill. Most of the restaurants or cafes ask for your feedback about food, ambience and quality of service.

You can also ask for feedback from your visitors. Using Survey Monkey or even Google Docs to create a simple feedback form will help you understand what people are looking for? Ask visitors about their experience on your blog, did they accomplish anything? There views on improvement. It will help you build a better blog and content.

In the End

I would like to hear your feedback about this post and tell me your experiences in a cafe, mall or any other place that is fascinating and can be implemented to a blog?

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  2. joe arrigo

    I rarely get comments on my articles, and my bounce rate is high. Your suggestion about asking for feedback is a great one. Think I’ll start using it. Thanks

  3. Katrin Brandstetter

    Awesome post Wali! I definitely agree with you that it is essential to build relationships, so that readers come back to your blog.

    Relationships are the key to business in any sphere.

    Cheers for sharing your wisdom 🙂