10 Social Media Tips for Twitter

Getting twitter followers and keeping them subscribed as well as engaged in what you have to say can result in massive amounts of traffic. This traffic can be converted into new customers or evangelists that will further your marketing message. The following 10 tips will give you some ideas on how you can leverage this powerful tool. Twitter tips

1. Be Consistent and update regularly with valuable info

Tweet on a regular basis and be consistent about tweeting valuable content from other bloggers or content providers within your chosen niche. This helps you become a trustworthy source of information. Adding value will get you more subscribers and help you keep the ones you already have.

2. Partially automate tweets and retweets

Automate tweets and retweets for content written by bloggers you trust. This automation will reduce some of the overhead and allow you to keep some of the conversation going with your followers.

3. Use Social0mph for automation

Use SocialOomph professional to automate the retweeting of your own great content. This keeps some of your more valuable posts fresh and active instead of being buried in the archives.

4. Use Tweepi for followers

Use Tweepi (www.Tweepi.com) to develop Twitter followers in your chosen niche and engage with them regularly. Twellow.com also provides a tool that will help you locate Twitter followers within your chosen niche.

5. Use hash # tags

Use the hash # tags so that your content will be added to various groups or lists that reference that same tag. Followers that are interested in a category tied to a hash tag will then be getting your posts mentioning that content. This can be used as a traffic tool and a method of getting new subscribers.

6. Watch on authorities in your industry

Retweet or share what other influential Twitter users have posted by using their name with the @ symbol. This can help you develop relationships or be noticed and ultimately have some reciprocation when it is needed.

7. Track messages with HootSuite

Use HootSuite to track messages about a conversation and jump into the conversation when you can add value. Often asking questions from experts can be a great way to start a relationship that will produce solid results.

8. Concentrate on your niche

Stay focused on your target market. The sheer number of followers may not matter, especially if those users represent bots or users that simply never login. What does matter is having a group of loyal followers that have a passion about what you’re talking about. This quality versus quantity approach will help you stay focused and targeted on responsive users. This may occasionally begin with a larger list and help produce a loyal following.

9. Importance of staying focused

Post regularly and be accurate. Overselling your content will cause a loss of trust from your followers. Tweets are very frequent and choosing what is worth reading needs to be a product of accurate tweets. If you’re crying wolf too frequently, active users will just unsubscribe. Be accurate in the description of your content and let your followers decide if it is worth their time to click through.

10. Be yourself

Don’t be afraid of controversy. Trying to please all people all the time is a recipe for disaster. Remember that the nature of large group of followers is variety. The more followers, the more opinions exist. Post what you think and be willing to add controversy as it happens naturally. In many cases, controversy will be what drives the traffic. This age-old marketing tactic can be worth leveraging, but sincerity will usually trump deception as a practice of producing customers and like-minded pursuers of your products and services.

Twitter can be a valuable tool in your online marketing arsenal. Being blacklisted by a group of followers is usually pretty extreme which means that in the large world of Twitter, there are opportunities for trial and error. Action will produce results and allow you to begin testing from that point what works and what doesn’t.

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  1. Rizwan Sultan

    No one can deny the importance of social media regarding internet marketing the traffic can increase easily if we use properly twitter,digg,facebook or stumbleUpon.