4 Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog!


October 19, 2011Blogging2 Comments

Nowadays, one of the most heated debates’ topic is …

“How to get more and more active readers for a blog?”

The answer is simple — Active readers and subscribers are the lifeblood of any truly successful blog. They keep discussion alive and take it to an extra mile even the comments entry ends. Comments indicate that blog content is really interesting and blogger has the capability to grab the attention of the readers.

According to Jakob Nielsen study, 90% percent of the people are lurkers (non-active visitors or remain concealed), 9% contribute a little and only 1% interacts or executes an action.

 Are You Another Lurker?

It is another fact that no one leaves comments on your blog posts so easily. Therefore, after retaining visitors and maintaining traffic, you must do everything possible to encourage visitors to stay long on your posts and leave comments.

I love to communicate and I appreciate when people leave comments on my blog!

Usually, some of the people don’t feel comfortable or when commenting on famous blogs they get hesitated. There is nothing to hesitate when commenting, you can encourage your readers by writing few lines. Yes, I am also encouraging you to post comment ;).

Personally, I believe there are few strategies to get more comments on your blog.

1.    Be controversial in a non-controversial way!

People do not comment on any plain topic that does not provoke them. Therefore, I would recommend you to include the different kind of questions in your post or some controversial topics in a non-controversial way. This thing helps you in getting higher numbers of comments. You can start using this tip and make the next blog post heading like it.

2.    Use Reference Comments!

Always reward your readers when they comment on your posts. It is one great way to draw attention of more readers and to encourage them to comment more often. The best way to reward them is to acknowledge their time and effort when they leave comments on your blog.

You can reward your reader by quoting reader’s comment, his name and then say something, particularly about his comment. People will feel involved because they are acknowledged for their participation, and they will love to contribute in the future.

3.    Become a guest blogger!

This idea may seem crazy in the beginning, but it is the best strategy to gain the best exposure for your blog. It is the best way to get new readers and develop large reader base. Make sure to develop an attractive author’s bio page in which you must briefly tell about your blog with a link to your website.

Use the original and interesting content and not the recycled content of your old blog posts.

4.    Less Time to Comment!

It is the most overlooked strategy for gaining more comments on your blog posts. There are many readers who read posts and tend to postpone the comments on tomorrow or exit without a comment. This is something that most of us do. When they come back, they find another blog post, and therefore, they lose interest in going back to comment on an older blog post.

Therefore, you must put a cap; either on the number of comments, the number of people to comment or the time for which they can place comments. Once the readers will realize implications, they will comment now rather than later.

Another way to get the comments quickly is adding an interesting situation in start of the blog post! Remember, visitors only have seconds to decide to perform an action.

For a successful blog, you must convert your reader to commenter’s. And these are the best strategies to convert them and provoke them to leave comments on your posts.

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2 Responses to “4 Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog!”
  1. Jenny Barron

    Oh My Gosh, the thumbnail on this post made me literally Laugh out Loud. That’s one way to get comments! *grin!*

    I’ve got to really practice with my blog writing. If I was just going stream of consiousness, it would probably draw more people in – because I can occasionally be quite funny. But having a topical blog kind of stops up my creativity- let’s face it.. internet marketing is a fairly dry subject. But that’s my goal.. to find a way to interject humor and personality into information 🙂

    Love your blog Wali 🙂


    • Wali

      Using good humor in posts and wit is a good idea to drive more traffic and comments to your blog. I will look forward for your updates 🙂