5 Blog Mistakes That Every Blogger Must Avoid


December 24, 2011Blogging2 Comments

I am mostly involved in SEO, writing and proofreading the content on a daily basis. I see common mistakes that everyone makes in their blog, whether they are start-ups, small businesses or sometimes established companies.

Here is the list of 5 mistakes that every blog owner makes:

1. Keywords Bashed into Content

With increasing demand of SEO, every blog owner wants good results and rankings, ignoring the fact that extra SEO may harm your blog. Content is the life-blood of every blog and when it comes to writing valuable content, I see most of the writers use too many keywords to rank the blog post.

We often ignore readability and natural flow of the article while using keywords. Using too many keywords without making any sense will make your content hard to read. People decide within 5 to 10 seconds to read the whole article. Avoid using repeated words and phrases, and it will keep your bounce rate lower.

2. About Page Left Alone

When I visit a website or a blog I always read about page for information. Studies show that people tend to click on about page more than any other page on the blog.

However, the common mistake is to leave your About page alone after updating it during the launch of your blog. You may achieve or change your direction, but the About page will remain old and out of date.

For example, two years back you wrote an excellent about page mentioning your 5 years of experience. With the passage of time your experience and achievement levels will increase. It is good to keep your About page updated. You might be a newbie, but now you are an expert and your About page having old information. Consider updating your About page.

3. Avoid Auto Scripts, Videos or Audio

Recently, I’ve visited a blog and out of no-where I heard an ad playing! Worst, my speak volume was at full. You can imagine I just click closed x button on the top and never visited that blog again. It is a common practice that blogs owners make to load auto-scripts, video or audio on their blog. You may lose visitors because not everyone is patient about finding the close button for auto play stuff.

It is a good practice to keep things simple and avoid using pop-up scripts, auto playing videos or an audio.

4. Confusing Navigation

It is a common mistake that most people think that more navigational items, large number of categories will make their blog look big. Blogs with simple navigational links have more readers and traffic as compared to fancy looking blogs.

The best example of simple blog navigation is Derek Halpern’s blog Social Triggers. Derek’s have thousands of subscribers in his mailing list and thousands of visitors with simple blog design navigation. Consider changing your blog navigation to as simple as possible.

5. Hiding Your Contact Info

I see most of the bloggers don’t have a contact page at all or hiding in the footer. It is something that people build their trust on. If you are selling a product or even creating an email list, you need to have a contact page where people can reach you.

Not having a contact page gives an image of defamation. The trust level of your visitors may go down when they don’t find a way to contact you.


Avoid these 5 common blog mistakes and you will have more visitors and subscribers. Add your thoughts and subscribe to my mail list for more blogging tips.

2 Responses to “5 Blog Mistakes That Every Blogger Must Avoid”
  1. Bellaisa

    I like the about page tip. I’ve never really thought of it, although it seems so obvious now! I find that people who do not have an about page seem to be more spammy in my mind than people who do, and I could see how not having it updated for months or years can look as if the blog is not really a priority in their life.

  2. Sean

    Good post Ahmad, it’s often the basics that we overlook. I totally agree about the auto scripts and audio…absolutely nothing worse than visiting a site only to listen to some annoying ad or music on a loop!