7 Reasons to hate Facebook Timeline

Facebook is now rolling in the timeline on most of the profiles. As the number increasing, more people hating timeline. All of my friends who are using timeline hating facebook and some of them even stopped using facebook.

Why Everyone Hates Timeline?

There are multiple reasons and the biggest one it simply Su*c*ks!

Eyesight May Get Effected

Recently, one of my friends told me that he was having a severe headache after using his laptop from past few days. Here to mention he is a social media expert and offer his services to clients. I also noticed my eyesight is getting affected by using the timeline. Due to small font size and two separate columns make your eyes and mind tensed. I wish I can sue for millions of dollars, but it is not possible in my part of the world.

Eye Twisting facebook timeline

Once you post something on your facebook everything gets shuffled and you have to focus too deeply to find stuff. I feel too much pain in my eyes that I have reduced the usage of facebook. I have also stopped facebook marketing that I used to offer to my clients. Health comes first!


You cannot complain or give feedback on anything, or even if you give feedback it will never be considered. A good answer is that it is a FREE platform; they can do anything they like! Well! It is like when you are offering something for free you don’t giveaway FREE poison to kill people.

Worst Nightmare

Once you get the timeline, there is no way you can move to old profile. Only thing you can do is deactivate account and make a new profile, but it will soon change to timeline.

Privacy Issues

It is the most debated issue with facebook timelines. Not everyone on facebook is your friend and some add or subscribe to your updates with bad intentions. There is no privacy option to limit or hide your posts completely. Some of the facebook users use facebook purely for personal use.

I use my facebook for personal use not for promoting. I hate to show off my personal stuff to the world, but thanks to timeline you are not safe.

Ugly Display

Timeline may be awarded with unique design awards or some of the unique features, but it is not user-friendly. If you share images or post, they all will not be displayed until you click to see the full image. It is something very annoying to most users.

Facebook Pages

The new facebook page options are not user-friendly as they were before. Most of the users complain about finding their comments on pages they like. There is a separate box to show user comments, and it is very hard to find sometimes.

Why I hate Timeline?

Simple, it Su**cks! I messaged Mark Zuckerberg that, please allow users to choose what they like. Guess what? Next day, my account switched to timeline. Coincidence or I am Facebook I can do anything!

I am now a facebook hater, but it is part of my profession to promote websites and social share. So, I would just be using facebook for promotions.

I would like to hear your opinion on facebook timeline.

2 Responses to “7 Reasons to hate Facebook Timeline”
  1. Pete Goumas

    I agreed with you, Wali. Although it looks more professional but I dont find myself cosy with timeline and the main reasons are eye twisting and font size.

  2. Raghava Bellala

    I agreed with you Wali… But we have to use FB to promote our websites and social share.