A Guide to Recovery from Search Engine Algorithm Updates

After the launch of animal updates (Penguin and Panda) by Google, many companies are frustrated to get their businesses back on track. You might be running successful business online, but after Google Penguin and Panda updates, everything has changed. Business owners cannot do much about it because they were completely relying on Google for their online business success. As, Google still holds about 70% of search engine market share, we cannot move to a solid alternative i.e Bing.com. Bing is continuously improving, but not many people use Microsoft’s search technology (bing.com). However, there is a potential in Bing.

How to Survive These Algorithmic Updates?

When I started my blogging career, I was taught with one rule “Create Compelling Content.” Yes! Even you ask Danny Sullivan, Rand Fishkin or Darren Rowse; the answer would be creating something that attracts visitors by creating informative content. We cannot ignore the fact that Content is Still King, and It will always be! You need to review your website as a human reader and ask yourself how fresh, unique, informative and insightful your website or blog content is? Try to avoid such mistakes and always write a content that strikes the mind of the users.

Case Study on Thin Content Websites!

Ezinearticles.com was the victim of Google algorithmic updates, because people were writing junk articles, using spun articles with correct grammar. However, the information was copied from different resources and re-written on own words. Sometimes, low quality articles got approved in EZA. When Google decided to attack low quality content farms or low quality content websites, EZA was included. Here to mention, there were many original quality articles, but they were also penalized because of other people’s junk content submissions and approvals.

Should I consider Alternatives to Google?

Yes! Because when you are penalized by a search engine, it is not possible to recover overnight. You need to make the necessary changes before sending the reconsideration request.


Bing search engine has about 30% of the market share, and it has potential of getting your business to grow. However, Bing SEO is based on the different number of factors like website authority, quality of content, links, social signals, engagement and simple navigations.

According to DuaneForresterThat traffic has little value – in fact, our traffic CONVERTS at a higher rate

Social Media Websites

You can build your brand on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter. However, it is not a simple and easy task. You need to run proper social media campaigns in order to build valuable audience. Most of all, your website or blog must have something that attracts the audience to like your pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Investing on social media is worth the effort because you won’t get penalized or de-ranked unless you break their policies.

Remember, you need to build authority on social media accounts because not every account has authority and credibility.

Email Marketing

It is the best way for small businesses to build a huge email list to market their products, services, quality content or any other informative stuff. You need to offer something attractive to your audience for building a good email marketing list. The best way is to offer free giveaways, contests, polls, or something that is valuable. It will also build trust and authority of your brand.

Other Marketing Methods

If you are a local business or a global business, you cannot ignore the fact of ignoring traditional marketing methods such as advertisements, but in online world Google Adwords, Buying Banners, Chitika etc. However, the costs associated with paid advertisements and PPC are way too much to afford for a normal blog.

Recovering from Google and Penguin Updates

There is a misconception that you are hit by a Penguin updated, but when we analyzed some of the websites, they were hit by Panda. When it comes to search engine algorithm updates, you never know what will happen, but one thing is sure that pure research work, informative and insightful content will remain on top.

When Panda update was launched it strikes all the content farms ranking for long tail search terms for poorly written or re-written content. Ask yourself! Why anybody would want to read the old concept in a new way? Similarly, Content is King and it is being said by experts over and over again, but most of us find it very difficult to create compelling content.

Penguin update is considered to be the killer update for SEOs who were following the Easy Way Link Building methods. Now it is very important that you vary your link building strategies, anchor texts and the websites you link. There is no hard-and-fast  rule for recovering from Penguin because you cannot remove thousands of backlinks that were built over a period of a year.

The best way is to build quality and relevant backlinks from reputable sources in your industry. This might be very hard because not everyone can be featured on New York Time or Search Engine Land. You need to do either DIY or hire a reputable search engine company. Hiring a person with no knowledge may result in closing down of your business.

Network to Get Backlinks

If you ask me, how would I get a backlink from Search Engine Land of Danny Sullivan? I will start following him on Twitter, facebook and read his blog regularly. I will communicate comment regularly on his tweets and facebook updates. Eventually, Danny would notice that hey that guy is following me for a month and commenting on every post I make. He might visit my blog http://www.ewali.com and may find something informative to share on his Search Engine Land. This method can be used with any famous authority in your niche. Here to mention, if you cannot catch the big fish in your niche, go for the small fishes, and they will surely network with you.

Last Word

In the end, the most important rule is to perform white hat SEO only because if you are honest, no search engine algorithm updates would hurt your rankings. Building a brand is more important as compared to building short term rankings in search engines. People remember brands for years, but never remember who was ranking yesterday on search engines and who is ranking now.

4 Responses to “A Guide to Recovery from Search Engine Algorithm Updates”
  1. saif ullah butt


    You have written some good points about recovering from Google Algo updates and i like the concept of following big fishes on twitter and Facebook.

    I have read your complete article and you have not given any real method to get recover from Penguin update ?
    If we can not remove the bad links then how can we get recover ? May be some one has done negative SEO for us ? Then ?
    If some one is not in the position to hire a reputable SEO company then what should he do ? Close his website and find a new one?

    I was thinking to get some bullets points from your side to recover from these updates !



    • Ahmad Wali

      Hey thanks for the comment! I have mentioned that building good backlinks would be a good idea to cover the spammy links. However, If you ask me what would be the bullet points and methods? I would say “Hard Way Link Building” i.e you need to reach out and find a way how you can publish your post on mashable.com. I tell you they accept pure research work to publish anybody’s post. In the end, as I have mentioned many times quality of content and the effort you put to create the content will help you recover from Penguin update. Once you are featured on Mashable, your brand will go viral and natural links will come your way as positive signal. If you don’t have high budgets, then DIY (Do It Yourself). If you cannot DIY, then probably it is not the best industry for you because shortcuts will be catched sooner or later by Google.

  2. Derek Maak

    Hey Ahmad,

    I agree that content is still king. Everything starts with having great content on your website. I also think it’s important to lay off the aggressive link building if you want to avoid algorithm updates. It’s been awfully quiet since the Penguin update and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Google engineers are working on a major update for the next run of Penguin. Not a question of if there will be another big update, but when. Google is such a huge part of the web that it’s difficult to move away from them even if you want to.

  3. Dana Rock

    I like how you put that we are “building a brand” with our white hat seo, and I completely agree that over time, sort of like investing in the stock market, we will win with our investment despite the ups and downs in the short term.