About Me

Hi, my name is Ahmad Wali behind Ewali.com (Wali being my name and second name). And I am an Entrepreneur blogger running a network of blogs and I am also an SEO Ace by profession and sometimes I also do freelancing. I am living the 9 to 5 internet life; I love to blog about SEO, Blogging, Cars, anything I like or dislike and about interesting stuff. I research on helpful topics, which I will share with new bloggers and people to get successful in their internet career.

So this blog will be particularly focusing on various topics, problems and solutions  probably of your interest as well. You will find interesting articles about stuff that you are searching for on the internet. However, I only post informative and interesting stuff that might be useful for everyone.

Its All About YOU!

This blog is all about YOU. I will try to cover all the problems, issues, and information that you are searching on internet. Also the tips about MoneyMaking, blogging, SEO, Social Media, WordPress and more. Furthermore, I will share that looks extra ordinary to ME and that will help YOU.

Some Interesting Facts

I started blogging in Feb, 2009 (regularly) and before that I didn’t even know what is this all about?. In past few months I have achieved so many things in life through internet lifestyle. I also quit my job and now I am full-time blogger and also providing services to people. I will be sharing my views and ideas on Ewali.com, some of you may like them.

Passion for Blogging

My passion for blogging grew as I read the famous bloggers blogs and their views. My favorite bloggers are and not limited to Hesham Zebida (famousbloggers.net), Matt Cutts (mattcutts.com) , Darren Rowse (problogger.net) Ana (Trafficgenerationcafe.com) and many others ;). Most of the time I am working on my laptop and where ever I go I keep my mini notebook, camera and cell phone with me to make something interesting for people.

Few Last Words

Apart from blogging I love to hangout, travel, eating out and do shopping and I always look for gadgets. I am addicted to perfumes, pizzas, 4×4 Vehicles and internet. I am also doing social work to save the nature and environment, as there is less awareness in developing countries about Global Warming.

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