Art of Blogging – Creating an Elevator Pitch for Blog Part 1


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Are you facing problem writing creative content that brings quality readers? Blogging can be very frustrating when you see no results. Not everyone is God gifted with charismatic writing to engage readers, but there are chances of improvement.

I recently posted tips on how to make your visitors fall in love with your blog? It was related to making your blog look attractive, but how to learn the art of blogging?

Here’s how. elevator pitch

Elevator Pitch

Don’t know about elevator pitch? It is very important for every person to write an elevator pitch for their blog.

Elevator Pitch is actually short and concise idea about your blog. It is like setting a guideline what you intend to offer to the readers. You might have learned it in business and self-improvement  courses that how to write an elevator pitch?

When you know what your blog is about, then it will be easier for you to write content, finding readers, networking with bloggers and building a brand.

Try to create an elevator pitch in everything your write. The ideal length for elevator pitch is 100 to 150 words.  Visitors only read first few lines of your content.

You need to remember following points when creating an elevator pitch.

Define Your Audience

Who is going to read your blogs? I am not sure whether people ask this question before launching their blog.

There are only very low percentages of readers who actually read and participate on blogs. Making your audience to interact is the difficult task.

However, if you have your audience in mind, then it can be easier for you to bring more targeted audience to your blog.

For instance, if you are a thesis theme developer, then you targeted audience would be 1. WordPress bloggers 2. Thesis Theme users.

Solve Problem

Blogs that help or solve problems are big success. It can be anything big or small related to any topic like Photography, SEO, World Peace etc. People will interact on your blog to discuss problems.

Elevator pitch is like a conversation opener that brings people needs to one place.

Be Clear

It is important because readers get confuse and make a perception that you really didn’t mean. Make your statement crystal clear so that the exact idea is conveyed.

Intriguing Style

What’s next? It should be in reader’s mind that what comes next. Keeping an intriguing style will help the readers to stay on your blog.

Yes, right I have an important point coming up next.

Put Energy, but don’t create hype

It is important; do not create hype like I have intentionally made a statement in the end of the last point.


Because if you cannot offer something great, readers will leave that it is not something as it was hyped.

There is a difference in creating hype and putting energy in the content.

Keep It Short

A simple rule of thumb is K.I.S.S. Keep it short and Simple! People cannot absorb too much information. They will start to get tired reading long stories.

It was first post on Art of Blogging Series that how you can improve your blog by writing an elevation pitch. And I will come up on the next topic to continue the series. Meanwhile, I would like to hear your thoughts and comments.

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