Blogging Can Help You Transform Your Business Fate


October 8, 2011Blogging2 Comments

Have you ever thought, why are you going to read this blog post, when you are so busy?

I do not mean to distract you or it’s not like it that I don’t want you to read my post.

I just want to say that the time, you are taking out to spend on another platform is a time, that you can spend on your business to make it appear better.

blogging Fate Blogging and Boring Business

When you have a business blog, you are definitely present at social media places like Facebook and Twitter to promote your content. The real worries start when the feedback stagnates and traffic is no more increasing. Marketing gurus advise you to be more active on social media websites to hunt for more people.

Talk more, learn more, interact more and definitely create more so that you can show up that you can make it working.

But do you notice that your audience is not reading what you have written? It shows either you are not understanding what your audience wants or your writing is not effective enough.

At the end; customers matter!

Doing more, creating more but without any purpose or specific goal in your mind, does nothing for your readers, for your customers and even for your business.

Uploading random posts on your blog, which cannot benefit your customers, cannot help you in grabbing your customers’ attention. When you are not doing anything specific and not sure about the consequences of “another” post content on your blog; how your customers can derive something specific?

You do not need to bring out anything impossible but all that you need is to find something purposeful that can do something big for your customers.

Plenty of reasons to refuse but ONE reason to move on!

There may be hundreds of reasons that can stop you from taking new project but the truth is that if you won’t decide one particular direction right now, you may not have a profitable business ever.

Do it Right now!

Life is too short to think and then plan for not to do anything that can make a dramatic impact on your business. Plan your business and plan your time that will show how you are spending time on your business activities.

Are you afraid of not doing anything because of criticism or people’s expectations?

Then what?

To avoid criticism, the best thing what you can do is to do nothing in your life. If you will do anything, people will either like it or hate it but they won’t be quiet. However, if you will not do anything, they will be quiet.

In the beginning, your business perspective may not bring a massive transformation for your business but it can be a foundation of a change.

Don’t hold yourself back.

Learn and bring a new idea to bring revolutionary change in your business.

Define your way.

Define your destination.


Do the impossible by raising the bar.

2 Responses to “Blogging Can Help You Transform Your Business Fate”
  1. Tanya

    Spot on Sana! I am a huge believer in using blogs to help promote a new or failing business. It can bring in a new audience and engage your existing customers as well. Asking your customers for their input and writing about their interests can really build some trust and even word of mouth referrals.

  2. Ahmad Wali

    Sana I must appraise that you’ve nailed the post pretty well. I was wondering about coming up such post, but I guess you think ahead of me 😉