Earn Money Using Your Skills, Join Online Marketplaces

You might hear of earning money online by providing services or doing data entry jobs. This post will guide you about different marketplaces and I will try to cover all the areas. Everyone can easily earn money to pay their utility bills. You can even make money utilizing your writing skills. There are many websites offering where you can earn money by simply writing about your favourite topic. You need to ask yourself where you can perform best.

Search Online Marketplaces

You can find many marketplaces online where you can offer your services as a freelancer. This will allow you to work from home part time. The only thing you need to do is offer quality services.


Formerly, Getafreelancer.com and now www.freelancer.com is the most famous marketplace where you can look for work. You can search the job by browsing through different categories available. You just need to complete your profile in a professional manner in order to get a job quickly. You can easily withdraw money to your bank using paypal or payoneer debit card.


www.elance.com is another famous marketplace it allows you to choose between two accounts Free and paid. The paid account has more features, and you can apply to more jobs in different categories. However, free account is limited to one category and job applications. Withdraw methods are paypal and Payoneer, you can request for Elance payoneer card. Another advantage is that your profile rate is fixed at $5 per hour. I prefer Elance over freelancer.com because I get jobs easily on Elance.


www.odesk.com is another famous marketplace, and most of the Asian freelancers are registered on Odesk. Odesk is free to join, you need to complete your profile and pass the Odesk test in order to be fully prepared for the jobs. You need to know how to use Odesk Team software in order to work on hourly jobs. You can set any rates per hour and that is why people find cheap work on Odesk. Most of the Asians offer low per hour rate. However, Odesk discourages low per hour rate, and it should be minimum $3 per hour. Odesk offer four withdraw methods; Paypal, Moneybookers, Payoneer, and Wire, (Check ACH is only for USA residents).


www.vworker.com is an also reliable online marketplace; you can register your account for free. However, it is not famous as the above three marketplaces. vWorker is getting famous and might grow in the future. It allows you to withdraw money by Paypal or Payoneer.


www.scriptlance.com is also a famous marketplace, and it is for technical workers only. There are many big budget projects are listed on scriptlance. The registration is free and they have low fee structure. You can withdraw money by Paypal or Payoneer.


There are different famous forums like digitalpoint, v7n, sitepoint and other SEO forums that allow you to post and apply for work in their marketplace section. You can register on these forums and find the work in marketplace section.

Working Online

In my personal experience, it is very easy to work part time, and you get a good pay after the project. You just need to be organized and loyal about work. Never apply or accept offers that you cannot handle, otherwise your online reputation will be negative. Show the employer clear picture of work and your experience.

Note: Online working is not recommended for everyone because sometimes people do not take it seriously. Most of the buyers complaint about online workers; they disappear and never respond to their emails. If you plan to work online for long term, join the marketplaces otherwise it is not FUN TO LOVE WORK.

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