Getting The Most Out Of Everything The SEO Way

I am writing and working for SEO industry since 2007 and achieved many milestones. However, I have shifted my focus more towards being a trainer or mentor or maybe a crazy SEO Nerd.

It is a long post so sit tight and get yourself a cup of coffee…

Over the years, my thinking was everything SEO and getting the extra ketchup on every online nugget I came across. That is why I shifted my focus to be a blogger than to just offer SEO Tips every other day.

There are gurus who can offer much better tips like Rand Fishkin, Danny Sullivan and many more. If you ask me for a single best SEO Tip, then I would say stay updated. Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Land got every update related to search engines.

So, it doesn’t matter Pandas coming or Koalas! The most important thing is how you adapt to changes. Working as an SEO I have learned to do everything the SEO way and be more analytical at things. If you think ahead of search engines, then you will understand how easier to perform SEO.

You need to be a critical thinker in order to achieve goals in SEO. If you ask me what is the simplest way to get the understanding is, I would recommend read search engine guides for SEO. If you are still not satisfied, then I would recommend getting training from Aaron Wall The topics covered by Aaron Wall are pretty comprehensive. However, I never opted for the paid training session, but would like to join if I get the sponsor ;).

Doing Everything SEO! everything seo

Is it good? Or is it bad? The answer is it depends what you perform and how you perform. When I am writing an article for my blog, I am actually doing it the SEO way. Whenever I search on Google for getting some help, I keep looking at a number of things to know whether the resource is authenticated or not and SEO perspectives (total madness :s).

Sometimes I think ignorance is a blessing! A layman would perform his search and get the information happily go away. When I perform a search, I do everything SEO! The website providing information not using spammed information, usage of keywords, alexa and so on.


I came to know how normal searches are shown and how Google responds to user behaviour for searching the data. It helps me optimize my blogs and client websites, thus more income and business.


I feel like a machined SEO guy who digs in every boring stuff! Worse… I also feel tired of being too analytical I move away from what I was actually searching.

How To be Unique?

When someone asks me how do you manage and learn every nitty gritty of SEO? My answer is because I don’t run after shortcuts. Moreover, it’s better to do everything perfectly first time because you will do later at some stage, then why not now?

It is like identifying your core competencies by evaluating yourself. Secondly, working for passion makes you hungry to learn more and more.

Content Creation is For Nerds!

No I am not talking about making every post successful like Darren (I follow him and admire his work). I hear too many excuses when you ask about content creation for SEO. A lot of questions too! Where to get ideas? How to write for clients? How to write for clients with difficult niche? Complete Panic attack!

In my early days, I never outsourced or even knew people can outsource each and everything for peanuts. First of all, if you cannot do it yourself, then outsource!

Good content writers are expensive blah blah! Well! It is not recently I hired two content writers to provide me good quality content of 500 words for SEO of my client’s website. What was the cost? $3 per post!

You can evaluate quality that all the articles and guest posts I submitted were accepted by top websites. You can hire good content writers on that’s what I did!

Link Building is tedious!

Very true! It is, but again outsource! If you cannot do it yourself, then try to cover the things by outsourcing. I am not sure if you can afford to outsource, but you can find real good quality workers on, and

I don’t do link building!

I do everything SEO, but I don’t link build for any of my blogs. Most of my backlinks are coming from natural linking. People share content and I make good relationships online (Thank you for linking to my blogs). Again creating compelling content gives you more authority than wasting your valuable time looking for shortcuts.

Like every other guru I recommend creating compelling content is the best link building strategy!

Analytics of this Post

Just wanted to share that this post is 943 words long and it took me 20 minutes to write, 10 minutes to proofread, 7 minutes to create images for the post and 10 minutes for posting and social sharing! It is easy when you are focused and working for passion. My passion for writing, SEO and blogging helped me a lot.

Work for your passion! You will do everything right…

In the end, I would like to hear your thoughts. How do you look at scenarios? How you differentiate from others in SEO? What is your passion?


Adding a monkey image is not for anyone to feel like when learning something. It is just for fun and yes you can consider that I feel like one sometimes when I am doing everything SEO…

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  1. Edmond

    These are good tips, write about what you are passionate about and outsource. The first tip is why affiliate marketers should try and stick to what they know as the content creation will be so much easier. The second tip is a good one but many consider it unaffordable, those people need to consider what their time is worth.