Google Hates Forum Profile Links – Penguin Case Study

There was a time when Angela and Paul links were very famous on Warrior Forums. Those links used to do miracles for low quality search engine optimization experts. It was the time before the launch of Google Penguin updates.

Forums were considered one of the best ways to boost search engine rankings and people used to include spammy forum marketing in their arsenal.

Remember, good SEOs never appreciated spamming the forums. When the concept of CHEAP and AFFORDABLE SEO Services introduced, most of us were fascinated because third world SEO Experts used forums as one of the main spam building technique. Are you still using?

As you know Google hates Article website links and Spam Directory Links.

Why Google Hates Forum Links?

Google does not hate forum links! Google algorithm hates when you spam the good resource with all kind of junk only for the sake of one backlink with anchor text.

Ok! We will do link building varying anchor text… One of the silly argument you will hear from so called GURUS.

It is not about the links! Most of us are looking for shortcuts to get rankings and I would blame companies and SEO Clients who push the hired resource to do miracles in weeks.

When you are building low quality backlinks without providing any value to the forum, all of the links are considered as spam regardless of anchor text or no anchor text links. Why?

Google wants you to provide unique value to every comment that you make. Some people are so nice leaving compliments for the post created on forums and leaving a link. No one need your spam compliments!

Google wants your profile to look original and spam free. You need to be a regular contributor and provide your expertise on the topic for earning respect, traffic and a link.

Forum Profile Links are PURE SPAM, Period!

Nuff said! If you are doing it, you are spamming and you are a spammer.

Penguin Case Study on Forum Profile Links

In 2010, I also hired services of CHEAPO SEO to build high quality backlinks for my website He was able to convince me that these links bring ranks and very powerful for getting rankings.

I was also curious because I never used this technique, but I never wanted to sneak the forums.

Let’s cut the long story short, the guy build some forum profile links that worked very well for short period of time only.

After the launch of Google Penguin, they have penalized all the spam links that were created in 2010 and 2011.

Money saved or a complete loss? Check the screenshot Google pointing to spam forum profile links.

forums profile links spam google message

click to enlarge

The rankings I gained are gone and from past one year I am removing all the spam links.

Thanks to Google for pointing in right direction! I am able to remove most of the forum links, but there are so many forums that are no longer active.

Dead websites are very hard to contact because no one will get back to you. You have to disavow those links to get the penalty removed.

How much money you saved? Actually, I have spent more money and time in removing the links then saving for hiring a CHEAPO SEO.

What do you think? Are you another CHEAPO SEO?

To be honest, I take 100% responsibility of my actions and I regret for hiring them. In other words, I was one of the CHEAPO CLIENT.

How do I remove all these links?

Remember, you can hire me for cleaning all your spammy links. However, it will take time depending on how many spammy links you have. Moreover, the cost for removing the links is not CHEAPO.

Alternative Way

You can extract all of your backlinks from Google Webmaster Tools, Moz Pro Tools and Link Detox tool. Identify all the links coming from low quality directories, spam forum comments and profiles, article website links, blog links with anchor texts, blog comment spam and social bookmark spam.

Make a list of all the links and one by one start contacting website owners. Always apologize, regret and show how you did and now you are responsible. Ask for a favor to remove the link from the website. Last option is to disavow, but make a list of emails you sent before disavowing your links to present in your reconsideration request.

I would like to hear your stories, suggestions and comments!

4 Responses to “Google Hates Forum Profile Links – Penguin Case Study”
  1. Fatih

    Regardless, many people still look for those links to build link juice for their website and to get attention from Google. I think up till now, Google still consider website with backlkink as a good website/blog.

    • Ahmad Wali

      Yes, people use these kinds of Shady black-hat SEO methods and when Google takes action it goes down like it was never in SERPs.

  2. Karl King

    Never take shortcuts when it comes to SEO. It might benefit you now, but almost none of it will stick it out in the long run. Make sure you handle quality methods of promoting your site no none of your work gets “deleted”

  3. Amir Sibboni

    I agree with Karl King. SEO is a long-term endeavor and any amount of shortcuts is only going to land you on the wrong side of Google’s algorithm. Do the research if you’re going to get into the SEO industry.