Google is Hating Article Website Links – Penguin Case Study

One of my blogs was hit by Penguin badly after the launch of animal updates. I started to remove all the links pointing to website whether good or bad because you don’t know what is going to turns against you. In an effort to remove the links I went so far to even remove links from all the directories that were in SEO Moz good directory list and WEB CEO Suggestion’s list. Guess what? Those were also included in manual action because Google rejected that look for paid links. And those were the only paid links (review fees by directory owners). However, I will cover this topic in my next post for Penguin Case Study.

Recently, I sent a re-consideration request on wrong message of hacked links and I was hoping that everything is clean. I should get my website back now. I was disappointed when again I was declined, but there was some hope when Google identifies which links to remove. These were all article website links, but Google provided a hint and I removed all the article website links. See the image below!

google penalty on article websites

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These article links were created in 2010 long before the launch of Penguin update. I had a lot of questions in mind when I was removing the link from these article websites.

  • Ezine Articles PR 6, Domain Authority 93, Page Authority 94
  • SooperArticles PR 4, Domain Authority 63, Page Authority 73
  • ArticleBase PR 5, Domain Authority 91, Page Authority 92
  • Amazines PR 4, Domain Authority 76, Page Authority 80

These websites have good Page Rank, Domain Authority and Page Authority, but all are now slammed down because of links created on these websites. It is now irrelevant that PR and Domain Authority matters for getting a good link.

ArticleBase is safe because they make your links no-follow, but remember anything you do on large-scale is going to hurt your rankings in Google. That being said, I wonder if 5 articles submitted to EzineArticles pointing to my blog were large-scale?

I will be covering case study on directory links in my next post.


There were many people saying that good authority Article Websites are still safe! This myth is now debunked, Thanks to Google.

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9 Responses to “Google is Hating Article Website Links – Penguin Case Study”
  1. Annett

    Ahmad, thanks for your post. I am shocked since I just heard that those article websites are still a great source for affiliate marketer. So, that goes down the drain. I am really not sure why Google is doing that since it is the quality of the article that should be looked at and not just where they are created.
    Looking forward to your case study!

    • Ahmad Wali

      Hey Annet! Thank you for leaving your comment. Anything that is manipulated by people will go down. Now you have to be more focused on generating content that is helpful. I will share my case study on “Directories” and it is almost complete. Stay tuned!

  2. Mark

    It has been common knowledge for years that anything large scale would do harm. The mistake people make is the dont listen to the warnings, they wait for the punch.

    • Ahmad Wali

      Mark, thank you for the comment. You cannot define “large scale” because new businesses are prone to risks as compared to old ones.

  3. Sahil

    Great post Ahmad I appreciate the way you are writing your content have a great day. Hope to see more interesting post from you in future.

  4. Avraham the Great

    Google is Hating Article Website Links. They are to be considered low value links…. it is hard to determine their value.

  5. Jack

    Anything promoting in a greater extent is definitely taken in wrong sense and is penalized by Google. But, one of the most vital fact that should be kept in mind is that to provide quality and unique content which should be user friendly and eye catchy.
    Thanks Ahmad, for sharing this very useful post. Waiting for the next issue of yours to be arrived.

  6. Rassel

    This is a very good and helpful post. I want to know about Google Hamimbird update that is recently released by Google

  7. Karl King

    At least with these constant updates, it can keep everyone on their toes when it comes to SEO. Sure, it may be tedious, and at times very aggravating, but at least it keeps giving you something to do.