What Happens after the Google Manual Penalty is Revoked?


Most of the webmasters are wondering what happens after the penalty is revoked? You may have high hopes like big companies getting their penalties revoked and getting back in search results.

To be honest, there is not much to expect after removal of penalty.

I have received a lot of business thanks to Google manual web spam actions. Most of the people were reaching out for Google penalty removal services.

I have successfully managed to revoke more than ten penalties. Most of them were related to un-natural links to their website.

I also received the outbound/external links penalty that I got revoked by simply making all the links to no-follow.

Am I Going to Get my Traffic and Rankings Back?

Harsh truth! No, in most of the cases you don’t get your rankings and traffic back. Here to remind that most of the backlinks that were problematic were also the reason why you were ranking high in Google.

You may have high expectations, but the truth is that your rankings will be gone.

You have to take a fresh start by building a clean profile.

Getting the Rankings Back

Remember, Google sometimes discount the value of links without telling you. If you violate their quality guidelines over and over again, they will send you a manual web spam action notice.

There are more than 200 signals that Google use to rank pages higher in their search results.

No one knows exactly what those 200 signals are, but backlinks are one of the ranking factors that Google still count in their algorithm.

Building a Clean Link Profile

Once you are penalized, it does not mean that you are never going to be penalized. If you follow the same link building methods, then you will surely get on Google’s radar.

Now question arises what should be done in order to get the backlinks?

Anything you do “manually” or “excessively” to attract links is considered spam.

Take an example of my blog, if I am going to link out to Matt Cutts, I may use his complete blog address or add a link using his name as an anchor text.

On the other hand, a typical link builder will decide to link out using his “money keywords” very basic signal for unnatural links.

How to revoke Google Panda Penalty?

This is a tough one because you won’t receive a manual web spam action notice or any other kind of warning.

You have to scrutinize your website pages to find duplicate content, poor grammar, low quality content or copyrighted text issues. Google Panda is related to content and if you have a very poor content on your website, then you are likely to get stuck in algorithm.

Only pages with little or no value are effected by Panda. I have seen many articles ranking good in search results with minor grammar issues.

After you have removed or either corrected your content, you might see improvement in search results. Do not expect it to be quick because it can take weeks or even months to get back in search results.

Keep Creating Quality Content

Quality content is the key to success and it is already been said by so many experts that I cannot emphasize more on it.

Follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and Bing Webmaster Guidelines so that you can optimize your website according to their policies.