How Big Companies Manipulate Search Engine Results

How Big Companies Manipulate Search Engine Results

It is sad to see a name like making everyone fool by targeting searched results. I wonder there must be more companies using the same tactic to earn millions in revenues by misleading the people.

Here is The Story

I was trying to find a way to get the paypal money transferred to payoneer card. You know as an Internet Marketing guy we suspect things more than usual people. I searched on Google “How to withdraw money from paypal to payoneer”.

I clicked on top ranking result (ehow is a big name), but what a shame that you get an article that is totally misleading. Page is filled with sneak adsense ads to make money for their own website (not sure if they revenue sharing program).

You can read the useless article here (No Follow added). You can read comments few people made that article is misleading.

What’s The Point?

It can be a mistake I agree and doesn’t know about the issue. However, what if you make the same mistake? Or a small company makes the same mistake? Google Adsense has strict TOS that only effect small names and big names can do any kind of manipulation.

There is no button or link to report the article. And the adsense ads are almost un-identical that makes you think that these are the part of the content.

 sneaky adsense ads

You can check the comments from people (including me). I guess is aware of this misleading article or there can be more similar misleading articles (not sure).

facebook comments

You can do more research to find similar misleading articles (I bet you will or maybe I am wrong).

Information is something that everyone has a right to get. When you get manipulative search results, then there should be some penalties.

It wasted my time a lot (I wish I can sue) because I was middle of a trouble and fixing issues. I read the whole article and I couldn’t resist raising this issue.

I would like to hear your thoughts and share your experience on such “manipulative/misleading search engine results”.