How Emotions Can Hurt Your Blogging Career?

It is a known issue and a normal phenomena for every human being that when you are emotionally disturbed you cannot focus on your goals. Similarly, your blogging career will be affected when you are not emotionally stable.

There might be number of reasons for getting emotionally disturbed. You may have experienced a recent breakup or your current relationship ruined or death of a loved one. Whatever the scenario may be, but it surely effect your performance overall.

Loosing Focus Emotions and Blogging

First thing that happens to most people is that they lose focus and get distracted. For example, if you are blogging, then it might take days or even months to nail a good post. When you lose focus, it means you are also losing valuable traffic to your blog.

Delays in Work

Mostly, people delay daily tasks to next day and so on. The reason behind is that you are not able to concentrate on one thing, and it takes so much time that it will get delayed to next day always.

No Interest in Work

This is the most dangerous state of mind where you have no interest in work you used to do. You keep on thinking about your relationship or a person all the time. You take no interest in working on daily tasks and think about other ways to go back to normal state of mind.

No Networking

You lose all your valuable connections and hesitate to build new connections. You are emotionally disturbed that you forget the essence of networking with other people.

Bad Management

Your blog will be the victim of your emotional state because it will be neglected badly. You may lose potential guest blogging opportunities, advertising queries or even growth chances. It is all because of poor management due to emotional imbalance.

No Motivation

You may lose all the motivation to work on your blog because you might get a feeling that everything is now useless. It is a worst situation because it might end most people blogging career or hurt their blog.

How to Recover from Emotional Distress?

It is very hard to recover instantly because emotions play an important role in keeping you motivated. However, you can follow these steps to improve your productivity.

Never Work Alone

You always wanted to work alone and need a quiet place, but when you are emotionally disturbed, it can be your worst enemy to sit alone in a room. Try to go out and work in a cafΓ© or in office because you will keep your emotions inside in front of other people. Coffee shops and cafes are my personal favorites to give time to your blog.

Exercise Regularly

When you move your body, you will get tired and sleep regularly. It will help you keep your mind fresh and let you control your thoughts. It will help you focus on your blogging more because exercise refreshes your mind. You will notice a huge difference after starting daily exercise routine.

Communicate More

Try to communicate with more and more people around you because it will help you talk on different topics. However, if you don’t have too many people to communicate, then start chatting online with people. Join forums, communities to talk openly or start a debate. It will not only help you recover, but you may build some good networking connections while recovering.

Social Media Focus

Social media remedy is very useful when it comes to emotional distress because websites like facebook, twitter and vk helps you communicate with different people and friends. It may open up new possibilities for you to grow and focus on your blogging career. The best choice is to join common interest groups and pages on facebook to communicate with people. Get their ideas on different topics as it will help you create awesome blog posts.

Sleep More

Sleeping is always a good remedy for every trouble because you forget most things after a long sleep. However, try to avoid using medicines for sleep because it may worsen the situation. When you follow the above tip to exercise daily, it will help you get good sleep.

Reading Success Stories

It is very helpful in staying motivated because when you read a fellow blogger success story, you might feel hunger to be successful like him. You will start thinking about improving your blog and increasing your brand popularity. However, it might be difficult because emotional stress is tough to tackle.


Have you ever faced emotional distress in blogging? How do you manage the worst emotional breakdown situations? I would like to hear your story to get some interesting stories J.

6 Responses to “How Emotions Can Hurt Your Blogging Career?”
  1. Pete Goumas

    Thanks for sharing the ways that help us to recover from stress. Emotions can hurt our blogging easily and if we are emotionally disturbed then we should follow your given steps to recover from it.

  2. Neil | Butterfield

    Good blog, it is tough today to deal with emotions. People can ill afford to allow emotions to get in the way. Emotional turmoil can be devastating if it is not controlled.

  3. Tho Huynh

    Emotions are good and bad, the thing is how you choose to live πŸ™‚
    To me, I’ll live happily and possitively, it will boost up my productivity and passion

  4. Syeda Mehwish

    Hi Wali,
    It’s a part of intial blogging when some bloggers suffer from emotional distress as they want to be popular as quick as possible and the best possible way to get rid of it is exercise on regular basis and proper sleeping routine. Thank you for sharing 7 ways to overcome stress level and to behave positively in blogging career.

  5. Julie

    I have struggled with this in the past too. If I get upset about something I don’t want to focus on my blogging much at all. I try to make myself at least visit some other blogs and sometimes that puts me in the right mode to focus on my own blog.

  6. Sanjib Saha

    Hi Ahmad,

    I experienced all these myself many times. I used to feel hurt and frustrated over certain issues and that used to affect my work and productivity seriously. Slowly, I started overcoming all these with experience.

    Sanjib Saha