How To Become Google Friendly Blog Writer


September 26, 2011BloggingNo comments

Writing is my passion and I love sharing my ideas and knowledge with others. During my years as a writer I have realized that Google has been my best friend as it helped me build my career.

For newbie writers, Google might be a big question mark. Not because they are not familiar with the Google but because they don’t know how to make the most of what Google has to offer. This article contains tips and techniques for newbie on befriending Google.

writer blockEffective Tool to Deal with Writers’ Block:

If you are a writer, you might be familiar with the writers’ block. Sometimes, you just run out of ideas! Sometimes, you come with ideas but are unable to give them proper words. There are several ways to combat with this situation and one of my personal favourite ways is, of course, Google.

Google any topic and it will open a whole new world for you. Reading someone else’ work gives you a whole new dimension on a topic, you think, you already know too well. You can take ideas, mix them with your own and produce something totally unique.

Google+ – An Excellent Community to Gain Knowledge:

Google+ helped me realize that several public figures and experts are also using the platform. Celebrity endorsement is a feature that is common to both Google+, and Twitter but Google’s product are far better since unlike Twitter, it does not swarm your home page with robotic tweets and spam.

Google+ allows you to share info within circles, allowing you to filter data easily. You can build circles and checkout the ones which interest you more. I built a separate group for my writer friends which helped me come up with unique ideas and content every time.

Google Alerts – A Smart Way to Stay Updated:

Google Alert is another useful resource which you can use to your advantage. Reading your competitor’s posts or the articles relevant to your keyword search is an excellent way to stay on top of the information. If you are a writer, polishing your writing skills cannot do you any good if nobody is interested in your content.

Setting up Google Alerts can come in really handy as it can help you in discovering reviews about your writing and can also warn the writers, if their content is being used illegally.

So, I would recommend every writer to use Google and make the most of it because while it is their biggest critics, the fact remains that it is also their best friend. All they have to do is realize this.