How to Block Spam Registrations in WordPress


November 2, 2011Blogging1 Comment

Do you allow guest posts on your blog or people to register first before commenting? You will notice that many registrations are made by spam bots. I recently posted about blocking spam guests, but this thing has gone little further.

Using Sabre WordPress Plugin (Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine)

I came across multiple plugins to block registrations, but I Sabre is the best anti-spam plugin. All you need to do is just install the plugin and enable different CAPTCHA options.

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Sabre has multiple features that allow you to avoid or block bots from registering.

You can set three different CAPTCHA options and if you are too much frustrated by spam, you can turn all the captchas on at the same time ;).

You can also enable the policy box that everyone needs to check before registration.

Stealth option is like sixth sense that decides registrations to block depending on different options.

Sabre plugin

Other Alternatives

You can block IP address in WordPress Settings>Discussions. Simply add the IP address, but it is for comment spam.

You can also block IP address in your .htaccess file by adding the simple code.

order allow,deny
deny from
deny from
deny from
allow from all

Only add one IP per line and if you don’t know how to edit .htaccess file ask your web host or developer.


Sabre is the simple and best option to block spam registrations. If you want to block registration and comments from certain IP, then use the .htaccess option.

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  1. Jeff Gross

    I like this post…and never read something like that. But, you have right. If someone wants to submit guest post on blog it would be polite to read few post and write comments. Totally agree, thanks!