How To Get Links From Wall Street Journal and Mashable

wall street journalIf you are running your own blog then you know how important it is to get links from other authority blogs. Without any incoming links, your blog is nothing on the internet. You must be spending a lot of time trying to craft some great content for your blog but if you are not taking SEO techniques under consideration then you are actually wasting your efforts. With a little knowledge of SEO, you can take your blog to the new height of success. However, if you know about SEO and how it works then you should also know the importance of getting links from websites like Wall Street Journal and Mashable. I don’t claim that after reading this article, you will start getting backlinks from those websites but if you really consider the tips that I’m going to share below, you can reach near to your target. Keep in mind that the target is to get links from Mashable and Wall Street Journal. Also, keep in mind that this is not going to be an easy adventure.

Write Quality Content

You must be thinking that this is not a worthy tip at all and I also understand that everyone keeps saying the same thing these days. There is no doubt that content is king so, if you are writing really poor blog posts on your blog or the quality of your posts is not good then you should not even think about blogs like Mashable and WSJ to link with your blog. First, you will have to improve your quality of writing and bring some innovation and uniqueness in your blog before you expect others to link with you.

Write about Mashable and Wall street Journal

If you are already writing quality content then a good way to get links from Mashable and Wall Street Journal is to grab their attention. You can do this by writing about those blogs. It is obvious that they keep an eye on who is writing what about their blogs. So, if you catch their eye and they think that your piece is very impressive that you wrote about their services then they will never mind linking back to you.

Contact Wall street Journal and Mashable to publish your work

mashableOne ethical approach is to contact the blogs yourself and ask them if they will be interested in publishing your work. If you will ask politely, chances are you will get a positive response but make sure that you read the terms and conditions before submitting your post. In case of guest blogging, most blogs will let you get a couple of link backs to your own blog but you should keep the terms of Mashable and WSJ in mind too.

Do something exclusive to get featured in Mashable or Wall street Journal

mashableOne of the best ways to get a link from Mashable or WSJ is to be in news. You can do something different and extraordinary to get featured in such websites. For example; you can come up with a great product that is innovative and Mashable or Wall Street Journal will have no issue in conduction your interview and linking your website in the post about you.

Be a regular reader and comment

regular-commenterThis is the best way to get noticed by them because if you comment on their posts regularly, there could be a chance that they can see your comment and may be they can visit to your website to check who you are. Once they visit your website, then there is a chance that they may like some content or some blog posts from your blog and they can think to link to it.

A Final Thought

If you are really serious to get back links from Authority domains then you must come up with some thing special or you have to do some analysis which has not been done before. Your English level should be awesome so that they can accept your thesis or any kind of innovation.

If you have any better idea then comment below and let us know about it. Thank you

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  1. Alok

    Its really good we can a get links from Wall Street Journal and Mashable by simply following some basics step. Thank you Saif Ullah for sharing this post.

  2. Jack

    Thanks Saif for sharing your knowledge with us. Unique content as well as acknowledging the sites like Mashable or Wall street journal is a very valid point you have mentioned in your article. Definitely going to keep these points in mind. Keep posting!