How To Make Your Visitors Fall in Love With Your Blog?


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First impression is the last impression! How do you apply this to your blog? Each month, we visit thousand of websites, but we remember only few. Why?

It is same like you are watching TV switching channels and you find advertisement or a TV show that strikes your mind. On the other hand, if you are walking down the subway station, you find a beautiful girl.

bounce rate analysis

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The same principle applies to your blog. If a new visitor visits your blog, he has only few seconds to decide whether to stay or leave.

The design, look and content should appeal to the visitor otherwise you will notice higher bounce rate.

I did some analysis via Google Analytics on my blogs. Blogs with easy and simple design having low bounce rate and more traffic. The content where I am more personal with the audience having low bounce rates i.e on and

You can optimize your blog by following tips:

First Impression

Your blog needs to represent what you offer i.e Green Living blog should give a look and feel of green blog.

Normal user behaviour consists of few actions scrolling the website, reading few lines and checking few images.

If the first impression isn’t catchy, then the user will bounce to other websites.

Content Creativity

Content is considered to be the most difficult part. Create content with creativity by using analysis tools and researching on the topic.

Writing catchy titles will help in getting more traffic. How to articles, Top 5 list, video sharing or infographics brings more traffic as compared to plain text.

Consistency in Writing

You might hear that blogging daily will increase the credibility and many experts urge you to blog daily, but it is wrong.

You can write twice or thrice a week for you blog, but quality matters the most. Increase reader interaction by offering solutions to problems.

Images Speak

Images are the life-blood of making the content attractive. You don’t have to buy images or hire designer to create images.

The best way to get free images is and Picasaweb. If you need to create graphs and charts, then best way is using Microsoft Office.

Slide Shows

Slide shows of your quality work often attract the attention of the users. It is a good way to reduce the bounce rate of your blog. You can easily integrate slide show in your blog by using WordPress plugins.

Internal Linking

Internal linking within content helps in reducing the bounce rate. You can involve the reader by referring to similar posts. Users tend to visit the posts to find the clues what was written in the past.

Free Offers

Who doesn’t like FREE stuff? There are many advantages of offering FREE valuable stuff. It can be giveaways, contests or draws.

Another main benefit is that you can build a good email list by offering free offers. Once you offer free stuff, people will visit your blog in future free offers.

In the End…

How do you improve your first impression? I would like to hear your ideas of reducing bounce rates and user involvement.

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