How to Protect Your Blog from Guest Spammers?


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What? Guest Spammers! Yes you hear me right Guest Spammers…

You might be thinking that we only know about Guest Blogging what is Guest Spammer?

Well! They are un-invited Guest Bloggers who abuse the most respectful form of building relationship system Guest Blogging.

Recently, I read an article about enabling the registration feature and let guest bloggers submit their post for review. I thought it is the best idea and it will save my time contacting each guest blogger via email. So, I did the same.

I do get very good guest bloggers, but on the other hand my blog gets too many unwanted spam registrations and spam posts.

Spam Guest Spammers

Most of them are real humans (unfortunately), and some are bots.

Real human spammers submit well written guest posts, but full of links going back to the website they are promoting. Usually, only one link is allowed from author bio, but they never care to fill author bio. They avoid or never read guest post guidelines.

Bots are bots! The best way is just ignore, delete all the accounts. Second option is to ban IP addresses, but you will require some plugin or knowledge to block through your server.

How to Avoid?

When you are allowing people to register on your blog for guest post, make the default role in wordpress Subscriber only. Everyone has to fill the author bio and contact for full access and the topic they will contribute.

Never make the role to Contributor or Author!

The same rule now applies to my blog! (Thanks to spammers)

[box type=”important”]I personally welcome every guest blogger this post is not to discourage guest bloggers[/box]

How to Determine Quality and Credibility of Guest Bloggers?

It is a tough question because mostly you’ll come across people promoting third party websites for SEO. The best idea is to check the guest blogger blog or visit his website for verification. If the guest blogger is writing just to promote his client website, then I would suggest ignoring such requests.

However, there might be worthy guest bloggers/ SEO Gurus to have on your blog. They follow the system and guidelines for contributing. I allow such people because when they are contributing something valuable, then it is a good idea to get the benefit.

Another way to detect is to check whether the person is following your blog guidelines. Most of the people don’t even bother to read guest post guidelines. Remember, a good guest blogger always adheres to your blog requirements.

Finally, you may get request from good authors, but they will submit a guest post not related to your blog or niche. They try to cover your niche and mix most of the content with their niche. For example, I got a very well researched guest post related to broadband and social media, but it was more towards ISP and cell phones.


In the end! Guest blogging is the best way to build relationships, but I would advise to keep your blog safe from un-wanted guest bloggers abusing the system.

I would like to hear your thoughts and addition to the topic, please comment below.

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