How To Stop Neglecting Your Business and Make It Grow

Most of the people lose hope when we are in tough situation in business. How many times you take risks and dive in to solve the problem?

Do you take initiative or sit back and wait for everything to come back to normal? It is normal in any business that you have to enjoy good times and tackle the worse situations.

If your customer is un-happy and takes all his business from your company, it may strike you with a bolt. Alternatively, a good client goes bad and takes all his business from your company. Are you going to let Murphy’s law to happen or take some steps?

Here are few tips on how to stop neglecting business on tough situations and take steps: business growth

1. Handle the Toughest Situation First

Start with the toughest situation because the worst problem is solved then you can manage small issues with ease. Catch the chicken first and then think about the eggs.

It is good to make your angry customers or clients happy because they will spread how you’ve dealt with the situation. If you leave them, then they might spread bad-will for your business.

2. Problem Arises Due To Neglecting

It is true! How many times have you notice that in start, you put all the effort. In the end, your interest starts to fade away. It is the time when you start receiving complaints, customers and eventually business.

Keep yourself motivated by scheduling your tasks so that you don’t get bore doing the same stuff.

3. Lack Of Communication

It is also due to neglecting and delaying the tasks that you hesitate to talk to your customer or clients.

Customers are happy when you communicate with them instantly even if you have missed something. However, if you start running from replying to your customers, they will be un-satisfied by your services.

4. Can Do Attitude

Sometimes we assume that the task is difficult, and we cannot do it. Eventually, teaming up with colleagues can solve difficult situations within minutes.

5. Learn From Winners

Case studies are the best way to learn how successful businesses dealt with difficult situations. At the time of 9/11 incident all the airline industry went into recession. Southwest Airlines manage to make profit out of difficult times by adopting new techniques and cutting their expenses.

6. Re-Think Re-Develop

If your business model is going down, then it is the best time to tweak your concepts and strategies. You don’t want to sell Star Bucks to a beer loving nation!

It is best to re-evaluate and work on the problems. Sometimes less is good!

7. Change Old Fashion Ideas

It is now 2012 and with the passage of time your business need to adopt new technology and developments. You cannot keep the old technology and concepts to run your business.

It is like you are using Dial-Up connection to offer online services to your clients. Move with time and polish your tactics.

8. Work Like Robots

You need to work like robots on assembly line of an automobile manufacturing plant. You cannot stop your pace after few months or a year because it will slow down whole assembly line process. Worse! It will affect the whole assembly line of your business.


How do you plan to tackle tough issues in 2012? I would like to hear your comments and ideas.

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One Response to “How To Stop Neglecting Your Business and Make It Grow”
  1. Ed

    I really like your first suggeston. It’s hard to stay productive when you’re stuck and can’t seem to get a big project moving. Once that big hurdle has been crossed, you can then break the rest of the project up into smaller pieces, similar to what you’ve said.