Improving Your Business Search Results with Local SEO

An increasing number of people are searching online for local events, news, businesses and entertainment venues. Local SEO plays the crucial role to connecting customers with the immediate community. local seo guide

Locality Terms

Local search engine optimization (SEO), depends heavily on using the proper keywords. Keywords are terms describing your business and when narrowing in to the local aspect, the location of your business. Examples of efficient keywords defining your locality include your city, county, state and country.

Effective Keywords

Keyword optimization is crucial for your online success. In addition to the local aspect, you need to determine which terms effectively define your business. These words or phrases, plus the local terms, need to be included in your page titles, byline, links and Meta tags throughout your web content and all your online communications.

Avoid Cramming

Web crawlers need to see your keywords throughout your web content, but in a non-abusive manner. Cramming your web pages, content, multistreaming videos or other links with an excessive amount of keywords will either place your site or blog low in the page listings or remove you totally. Too many keywords could result in the search engine crawlers blacklisting your site or viewing it as spam.

Proper Keyword Usage

Include your local keywords in your website or blog’s page titles to focus on increasing your online exposure to local users. Put the words in your marketing literature or collateral, both online and offline. Marketing collateral includes your press releases, brochures, catalogs, your 30-second biography or tagline, articles and multistreaming videos.

Multistreaming Videos

Multistreaming videos are the rave in the social networking field, and many people rely on them for local information and venues. Overlooking this fact can lead to disaster for any business. When making a multistreaming video, prepare a web 2.0 article beforehand that efficiently places keywords throughout, including your locality terms.

Practice what you are going to say in your video so you become comfortable when the video recorder is running. Remember to place your byline and a link to your website or blog at the end of your video to increase your exposure. Local search engine optimization depends on that.

Social Networking

Social networking plays an important role in local SEO and interconnects all users. You need to become a member of as many of these sites as possible to increase your exposure. The more sites you submit content to, the more the search engine web crawlers will notice.

Improve your local SEO ranking by asking your readers to share your information with others and leave feedback. Request comments, reviews and link sharing.

More Personalization

Utilizing local SEO can personalize the online experience for users and businesses. Many businesses shoot for reaching the top 3 organic sites, which bring in multitudes of people from around the world. Concentrating on your local listings can keep the large conglomerates out and keep your business better focused toward the local community. Many potential customers like this.

Improving Citations

Getting listed on some of the top aggregators will help you improve your local search rankings. Some of the places like Yelp, Superpages, City Search, Yellow Pages, Localeze etc are very useful. The idea of citation is that your business address and website listed on more and more websites. It will help you improve your local search results in search engines.

Regular Updating

As with any search engine optimization, local SEO depends upon keeping your online information current. In addition to posting business happenings, you need to keep your hours, days of operations, specials or discounts and contact information current. Not doing so can cost you business and exposure.

Check your website at least weekly to ascertain it is operating properly. Make certain all links are working: inoperable links reflect negatively on your business and site or blog, both for the user and search engine crawlers.

Staying current with local search engine optimization takes time, effort and persistence. Do it and reap the rewards.

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  1. mike

    Great guideline Wali… Very clean and simple. Something most small local business owners can follow and learn from

    • Wali

      Thanks Mike..

  2. Ramita

    Good and simple tips for small business organization for the local SEO of the site. And this save extra money for hiring the SEO experts.