Is Guest Blogging Really Important For Your Blog?


October 1, 2011Blogging1 Comment

Every professional blogger makes every effort to get traffic for his blog either through original and unique content or through various marketing methods. Nowadays, guest posting is one such proven and efficient method to introduce your blogging skills on other blogs and get good traffic and new readers for your blog. There are two ways of guest blogging, either you write a post for another blog or allow others to write on your blog. It works well in both ways.

In both cases, guest post is beneficial for the writer and the blog but you must use some extra skills while getting associated with this task. Let’s reveal these benefits.

Guest Blogger Guest Post on other’s blog!

It is really easy to get permission to write a guest blog on another’s blog but it is somewhat difficult to get the guest post approved. There are some basic rules and guidelines that you must consider to get your guest post published.

  • Your content must be unique and must have not published anywhere else before.
  • The author profile must be filled in an impressive style and add links for your website.
  • Add a picture or a gravatar with your mentioned email.
  • Add your social media profiles’ links as well to let people land at your social pages.
  • Stay in touch with people who comment on your posts and visit their blog post as well and post your comments as well there.
  • Create connections with other bloggers.

These all points will really benefit your blog.

Guest Post on your Blog!

Sometimes it happens that you run out of good ideas and do not know what to post new on your blog. Then guest posts can help you out in posting something new on your blog. And the best of all is that a guest post brings an additional traffic to your blog. Let’s unveil some benefits of guest posts on your own blog.

  • Touching a new horizon
  • Getting a huge exposure for your blog
  • Quality Backlinks
  • New readers for your blog
  • Huge traffic
  • Rich SEO and enhanced link building

You must set strict guidelines for others to write and get their blog posts approved on your blog. Read other good blogs (that allow guest posts) for inspiration in setting guidelines of your guest posts criteria.

In last, let me conclude that for all these benefits; inspire others to write on your blog and see the benefits of guest blogging yourself.

One Response to “Is Guest Blogging Really Important For Your Blog?”
  1. Bruce

    Another tip for having your proposal to supply a guest article on another blog accepted, & more importantly, published is to simply follow the blogger on Twitter, RT a couple of their previous posts, maybe a Facebook like or two etc. If they are a genuine blogger, thus one you actually WANT your content on their blog, then they will notice, and your success rate skyrockets.