Living the 9 to 5 Internet Lifestyle

This post will help everyone who wants to achieve something working or blogging online. Living the internet lifestyle is not an easy job and sometimes people might underestimate bloggers or internet marketers. Whenever I tell someone that I work at home online; friends, relatives does not take it seriously. A common perception that it is a very easy job and everyone can handle. If it is a very easy job, why are you not working and making some money? So the bottom line is living the internet lifestyle is not an easy job. It is just like a daily 9 to 5 regular job, but there are lots of advantages. You don’t have to report to someone, and you can work from your home. All it matters is consistency, hardworking and creative thinking like a normal office job. If you perform well, you will get the promotion and appraisal. Same is the case when you are working online. You need to be focused and determine towards your goal.

If you are thinking to start working online and thinking of making money, then ask yourself are you doing this for a time pass or a regular business. This is very important because people get fascinated by the idea that I am making money online. They don’t really know how tough it is for me to survive and compete against top American, British, and Australian Bloggers, SEO Experts, Internet Marketers and other businesses. This work is not for someone who thinks that if he got the internet connection I will do blogging and website developing, and I will be successful. That is the reason people end up without making any money online. Considering everything and the most important when you are living in a country like Pakistan. The simple rule applies to everyone. What is the uniqueness of your work? What can you offer to your visitors, subscribers? However, there are some famous Pakistani bloggers making good amount of money. These are actually some common perceptions.

I have started blogging in 2009 and since then a lot of things have changed. I moved from to self hosted WordPress blogs. It does require some investment to get all these things. I daily work like a normal person from 9 to 5, actually not 9 to 5 sometimes 9AM to 9PM. The only difference is that I feel much comfortable as I work from home and the earning, which is quite higher than my pay when I was doing a job in a company. Again I have to mention that not everyone ends up making good amount of money. It might take you sometimes more than a year before you start making some money online.

Key Rule


I will share my key rules that will help you surely in achieving something from internet lifestyle or in real life.

  • Make a plan what you intended to achieve something or set a goal.
  • Start early as soon as an idea comes in your mind because there are other people always ready to cover up the space.
  • Start implementing the idea and do not ask for suggestions from everyone because there are many pessimist people who will discourage your idea.
  • Make a habit of taking risks in your life. Sometimes we don’t follow our dreams because the word “IF” comes in our life. If something goes wrong and if I fail and so on.
  • Always make your own idea don’t be a copy cat.
  • Brainstorm about the ideas and look for small opportunities before jumping into something big.
  • Read the suggestions, ideas and tricks mentioned by successful people and do not ignore small things.
  • Always make a contingency plan because nothing will remain same.
  • Again I am repeating, start taking risks and implement because the early you start the better you will perform.
  • Stay focused towards your goal and do hard work and smart work.
  • Always remember Failures are not the end to anything. There is always a second chance in life.
  • The last thing is time management Do Not Waste Time.


These are the key rules that I always try to follow. Comments and suggestions are always welcome on the posts. I made this post intentionally because I am seeing a craze, or you can say a wave in Pakistan that people are getting interested in working online from recent years.