Moneybookers Rebranding There Name To Skrill

Moneybookers is a famous online payment processor. It is more convenient than Paypal and Alertpay, especially for those countries where Paypal is not offering their services. Moneybookers is a first online payment processor regulated by FSA UK. Most of the new users are reluctant to use Moneybookers. However, with their recent record they are the safest and reliable online payment processor with fees lower than Paypal. Moneybookers is widely used by Pakistani webmasters because Paypal is not offering support in Pakistan. Most of the service providers associated with Odesk is using Moneybookers to withdraw their income in dollars to their local banks in Pakistan.

Moneybookers skrill

Recently, MoneyBookers has announced that they are rebranding their name to Skrill. They said there is a need of a short name that people can easily remember. People use Skrill to do online shopping and send money anywhere in the world in affordable rates. Skrill management has years of experience and they are very much positive about their new name. There is no news that they are selling Moneybookers to another company. Moneybookers members who are already registered will be the first ones to enjoy the more reliable services of Skrill.

Skrill is a new name that people will remember for online shopping. As being a Pakistani customer, most of the people want Moneybookers (Skrill) to be the market leader because Paypal have no future plans for coming to Pakistan. The current name Moneybookers is not easy to remember like the management said “it will be easier to remember Skrill, people will Skrill their money to shop online”. The word Skrill is derived from Skrilla. There are many things to expect from old management, but there are many concerns from webmaster community.

Major Concerns

That being said, there are many concerns from Pakistani and other people including freelancers, webmasters and small companies around the globe. I had a discussion with one of the webmasters, he was concerned about high fee charges in new name and Skrill may charge higher fee transactions for withdraw. There is already news about 1.9% freelancing fee for people providing services online. Most of the people are not aware that in future 1.9% will be charged while withdrawing from Odesk or receiving payment for services.

There is already so much information available on many websites and also on Moneybookers website. You can read more information about Skrill here There is no information about low fee charges or the new Skrill will continue to offer lowest possible fees. Moneybookers only charge $2.45 for bank transfer, which is the lowest fee as compare to any other online payment processor. There is 1$ fee for sending the money and no fee for receiving the money.

If the fee structure remains lower than Paypal and other payment processors, Skrill will be the next leading payment processor. I personally prefer Moneybookers over Paypal because there are many frauds using Paypal recently. There are many fake verified Paypal accounts and many people are offering Paypal accounts for people living in countries not supported by Paypal. We can also expect more Skrill integration in every website for payment options. At the moment we can expect good things and wait for the end of 2011.

Add your thoughts and views about new name of Moneybookers in comments and what are your expectations being a Pakistani or international webmaster.

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  1. Kh.Rahman

    For me Skrill is the best option where there is no Paypal you have the alternative option.
    Thanks to Skrill it makes my wishes real.