My Blogs Were Hacked By Stupid Hacker, Guide To Avoid Hacks


January 22, 2011BloggingNo comments

Well, I would like to give all the credit to me for getting the blogs hacked because I was using the nulled version of thesis theme, which was evil scripted and distributed by the hacker. And I would blame Paypal for the entire incidence because I was not able to purchase DIY Thesis theme because Paypal is not available in Pakistan as you all know, but thanks to Chris Pearson for telling me a tip on how do I purchase the theme. Now I own the fresh new registered thesis theme with life time upgrades and mock to the hacker who hacked the blogs.

So it was another story as I was saying my all blogs got hacked. I would like to advise all of you that if you are using pirated version of Thesis theme or any other framework, it is better to use FREE themes rather using evil scripted pirated themes. Hackers usually hack the blogs to show that they are very powerful, and I never understand their agenda. I got all my blogs back to normal thanks to my web host Site5. I was wondering that there was no sensitive information on my blogs neither my blogs were against anyone, but still some stupid hacker came in. I hope the hacker got rich by hacking my blogs ;), but I have to salute him for wasting his time on my blogs.

Things to Avoid

Thanks to the stupid hacker I have learned few things, and I will share with you to protect your blogs. At first you will be freaked out that your blogs are hacked, but trust me, you don’t have to panic if your web host company is good. Unfortunately, if you are also a victim of hackers, you should act fast before your blogs get delisted from Google. You can also follow these simple tips to remain safe.

Never Use Pirated WordPress Themes

It does not matter where you live either in a country where Paypal is supported or not, try to find the original version of themes because most of the themes available for download on Torrent websites or rapidshare are evil scripted. It is better to use a Free wordpress theme rather using pirated licensed themes.

Update Your WordPress

Make sure your wordpress version is latest because there are many security updates in new versions. It is always recommended to keep your wordpress version to the latest.

Update Your Plugins

Usually most of the outdated plugins leave some security loop holes that allow hackers to access your blogs. Always update your plugins to the latest version. And also check for old plugins that are no longer managed by their owners. Furthermore, avoid using pirated licensed plugins.

Use Different Passwords for FTP, WordPress and Database

It is advisable that never use the same passwords for all your accounts. If your wordpress account is hacked, there is a possibility that hacker might access FTP or Database and imaging if you are using the same passwords for all the accounts.

Select Web Host Wisely

It is very crucial because when my blogs got hacked my web host instantly emailed me that there is an unusual activity on your account and someone has installed a malicious script, and we have disabled it. If you are hosted with a bad web host, you can imagine the nightmare. My web host fixed the issue, and their system administrators run the audit two times.

Never Use Unknown Scripts

Usually many unknown scripts contain malicious code that can provide access to hackers to hack into your website. Use only trusted scripts or avoid using scripts from third parties.

Install Google Webmaster Tool

Verify your website on the Google’s webmaster tool. They let you know if your website is infected with malicious virus or software. The Google radar is always looking for websites that are being hacked, and they notify the owners if you have a webmaster account.


In most of the cases, we provide some loop holes to the hackers, but sometimes there are sneaky hackers who can even hack protected blogs. It is advisable to keep your defences strong. However, there is no agenda for hacking personal blogs, I never understand these hackers!