New MySpace Beta, Redesigned New Look

Recently, MySpace has changed their interface and introduced the new theme. The new black interface is attractive, and it is in the beta stage. MySpace is the second largest social network after facebook. I am not mentioning Twitter and not comparing MySpace with Twitter because both have different working methodology. MySpace has even changed their logo and introduced the black background with white font new logo. The whole new theme is based on Black, White, and Grey Colours. However, the new look is attractive and more appealing.

People Response

The new look is not appreciated by the users of MySpace at all. I have seen a lot of frustrated MySpace users switching to facebook. Some of them were using MySpace from the start and like MySpace over facebook. Another annoying thing is the new MySpace navigation bar at the top, which remains sticky, even if you scroll down the page.

Millions of users on MySpace play third party very famous games, and they use MySpace platform. The games like Zynga Yoville, Farmville and other games like Mafia, Mobsters. All the game players are annoyed because the top navigation bar sticks on their screen when they are playing games. There is also a funny space bar sign when you hover your mouse over it, a funny flash image pops out every time. I have no idea what MySpace is thinking at the moment, but it is a sign that they are taking the competition seriously.

Moreover, there are entertainment videos are displayed on the homepage with famous artists and singers. The idea might be to attract more users to use MySpace blending the taste of entertainment on the website. After having so many angry users MySpace might consider changing the new interface, but people are still using the MySpace. Another user says that the change is good, but interface with light background like facebook is more attractive.


I also use MySpace daily, and I will rate the change as 10 out of 7 points. The new look is attractive, but few things need to be revised. What do you think of new MySpace? Comments on the post are welcome.