‘No Comment’ – Why There Are So Many Blogs With Zero Comments


February 22, 2012Blogging15 Comments

Have you ever read a really great blog post? It can be a great experience. They’re short and sweet and often they are written by every day folk like you and me, but sometimes they can convey just what it was you were looking for, or can shed light on something you were pondering. They can make you laugh, they can make you cry, and sometimes they can even change the way you think. When that happens you might feel moved to leave a comment at the bottom, but upon doing so you find that there are none there. So what’s going on?

As a blog writer this is of course even more perplexing and can be quite frustrating. You pour your life and soul into these blog posts and upload them onto the greatest forum on Earth – the internet – and all you get for your troubles are the sound of crickets.

The Value of Comments

And it’s not just a matter of pride either – getting comments on your blog is a highly valuable way to build your site and to generate more traffic and more money. You see if you have comments then that’s free content – free content for the search engines to spider, and free content to encourage people to read. It makes your site look alive, and it gives people a great reason to come back. The more people post the more you’ll find it snowballs, and you can even use this lively debate as a way to generate ideas and get feedback on your product, site or service. So how do you get people to start commenting? Why aren’t they doing it already?

The Problem

Ask yourself this – do you comment on blogs? Will you comment on this one? If not, then why not? Probably the reason is that you are in a hurry – that you’re procrastinating anyway and don’t really have time to conjure something up. Likewise you might feel you don’t have anything big to contribute to the subject, or that you don’t want to be the first to comment. What would make you think differently?

The Answer

There is not one answer to that question but many most likely. Firstly you need to make it EASY for someone to comment. This means a big bold COMMENT button that has comment written all over it (literally). It has to be one of those buttons that compels you to click despite your better judgment and it needs to land right in your eye line as you reach the bottom of the article so that your next move is to click it. This is just like selling something – you want it to be an almost unconscious process where their attention is never broken. Putting an add at the bottom of your blog might seem smart, but it could also just mean they don’t see that important comment button. Meanwhile to make it easy don’t make them sign up, and make it clear that they won’t have to by having some ‘anon’ posts on there already.

Next you need to give them a reason to comment. If they have no comment to make then they aren’t going to spend time thinking of what to say. Try to make your articles somewhat provocative then, and whether you’re controversial from time to time, shocking, or just witty, then that will encourage people to post. You can also try to include a call to action – some kind of sign off that actually asks people to post. ‘Why not let us know what you think in the comments box?’.

Then you need to make your comment box look ‘alive’. Few people are going to write a comment they think won’t be read, so encourage your friends and family to comment at first to make things look active, and make sure you respond as well. Oh and make sure your spam filter is a goodun’ too because people can tell spam when they see it and if it hasn’t been cleaned up then your site will look like no one has been there – like finding what you think is a house party only to realize it’s a derelict filled with squatters…

And finally you could consider using an incentive such as a competition, or even just being sure to mention some of your commenters in your posts.

So try using a few of these strategies in your blog and see the comments mount. And of course make sure you comment below and let us know… why you decided to do so…

15 Responses to “‘No Comment’ – Why There Are So Many Blogs With Zero Comments”
  1. GernotS

    Great article – BUT to get to the comments I have to scroll down for a while. This is somehow contrary to the whole article.

    • Wali

      lolx.. It is surely a long post, but a good one by Jeet. I am not sure if he’ll be here to reply to comments.

  2. Bellaisa

    Incentive to comment is always a goody – especially for other bloggers. I think things like comment luv and dofollow comments are a big incentive.

    And for non-bloggers I think the article just has to cause some sort of emotion in them to comment – like you said, a reason to comment. And I agree that they need to really see that comment button or they may just move on from the post.

  3. Brian

    I think what GernotS meant was the tag category, the author bio, the BIG advertisement with the chef, the vertical related posts plugin in comparison to a less space consuming horizontal related posts plug in and then, “LEAVE A COMMENT.” He wasn’t talking about scrolling down through the blog post itself to get to the comment box.

    I sometimes like long informative articles. I think you get plenty of comments here despite the long space between the end of articles and the beginning of the comments. I think it has more to do with the quality and popularity of your blog.

    My blogs get few comments, but I tend to think it has to do with very few visitors than my posts being unworthy of comments.

    It’s my goal this month and next to increase the number of comments on my blogs. Maybe some of the tips mentioned here will help.

    • Wali

      Agree Brian I got the message from GernotS that due to long scroll after “chef recommendations” and related posts it is quite annoying. I am going to make the change to adjust these. Thank you for the valuable feedback.

  4. GernotS

    It´s way better now …

    • Wali

      Thanks GernotS, issue is that I am nill in coding I have the developer to fix these issues.

  5. Zac

    I am thinking of installing commentluv on my blog to entice more comments. I am disappointed in my lack of comments so far. Hopefully with more traffic will come more comments.

    • Wali

      Hey Zac! if you are thinking about Commment Luv, then I would suggest go for the premium version because it is 8 plugins in one and loaded with so many features. It will surely increase the user interaction on your blog.

  6. Jer Marie

    Definitely true, I browsed once a blog, and I really like it so much that I wanted to put a comment on but the problem is it have no COMMENT BOX. It really frustrate me for I didn’t have the chance to express my ideas for the said blog. So to all bloggers, make sure your blog has the COMMENT BOX for your visitors to comment on.

  7. Syeda Mehwish

    Hi Wali,
    I am glad to see that you put light on this topic. Blogs with zero comments look dead and the main reason I think is that the writer himself not enough motivated or active to participate in others blog comments and thats why other bloggers also do not come to visit his blog or comment there.

  8. Syeda Mehwish

    Hi Wali,
    I am glad to see that you put light on this topic. Blogs with zero comments look dead and the main reason I think is that the writer himself not enough motivated or active to participate in others blog comments and thats why other bloggers also do not come to visit his blog or comment there.


  9. Elena Anne

    Thanks for posting this. I’ve run across a number of blog posts that don’t have any comments already, and that doesn’t encourage me to comment. It’s a good idea to have friends and family comment. They’ll break the awkward empty comment spot, and plus, they can spread the word about you and your posts.
    I’ve found that a lot of people read and comment to get the word around about their own posts. If you haven’t noticed, there is a little tab below every ones comment, telling you to go read their posts. Which, ya know, you really should go read them (hint, hint). You never know what cool stuff you may find 🙂

  10. Sara

    It is sad to see an amazing post unrewarded. I admit that I am guilty of not commenting, even on posts I like. I am very busy, and I seem to forget how much it means to me to have people share their thoughts on my work. I will work on it, thank you!

    • Wali

      I am approving your comment to let you know that most of the blog owners do not approve these kinds of comments. It is considered as spam!