Restarting Your Blogging Career: Happy New Year


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The New Year 2013 is about to start as the last ray of sunlight gloom for 2012. Many of you preparing for celebrating the New Year and spend a night out with friends and family. Considering the online world and blogging, have you made a list of things to do for your blog? I do! You may have noticed that this blog post is after many months. So, I decided to start my blogging career once again and New Year eve is the best time to restart. You can start or restart your blogging career by just following these simple steps.

Not Just Make New Year Resolutions: Follow Them!

Yes, it is true that with the start of New Year everyone is motivated, but with the passage of time priorities change. It is very important that you make a calendar to follow day-to-day tasks. Google Calendar is a good tool for planning your day-to-day and hourly task management. You can use Google Calendar via your Smart Phone. Make a schedule for your blog mentioning when you will be writing, communicating, networking and promoting the blog. It is very important you set goals each week that you will write x number of blog posts.

2013 Content Strategy

Whether it is 2003 or 2013, content is king and it will remain for the coming years. Blog is not a blog without content and I couldn’t focus on this point because search engines value quality content a lot.

Define Your Blog Purpose

What is the purpose of your blog? And what you want to achieve with your blog? Define the purpose of your blog. If you are blog is about blogging, then you need to find relevant topics, follow relevant people and build audience who are interested in topics related to blogging. It is better to stick to one topic, instead running a multi-purpose blog.

Frequency of Blog Posts

It is important to maintain the frequency in your blog posts. You can update your blog once every week, but you need to research that you nail with one post. You can find many writing ideas by following related blogs in your niche.

Building an Audience (Email List)

If you think email marketing is not the best way, then the New Year is the time to change your thinking. It is the best method to keep your audience and personally speak to them. You don’t need to spend a lot in building an email list. You can start with free tools and pre-paid credits from mail chimp, which is very cost-effective.

Blog Design and Development

If you are restarting your blogging career, then it is a good idea to make few changes on your blog or if you are starting you blogging career, then you can choose any simple theme. I recommend using the Thesis Theme because of easy to use control panel and customization options.

Your blog design leaves an impression on every visitor. Try to refine each element on your blog and the content is the single most important element that will drive traffic to your blog.

Pro-active Blogging

It is important that you become a pro-active blogger because the more you write, network and promote your blog the better response you will get. Pro-active blogger not only write quality content, but one also network with other people to build a brand. It is good to do guest blogging on your favorite blog in your niche. However, you need to build a presence around the blog that they recognize you as pro-active contributor/blogger.

Procrastination is for 2012

It is the time to motivate yourself for your newly started blogging career. I have motivated myself to be more pro-active in 2013 to build a brand. Do not let procrastination ruin your New Year revolutions. Whenever you feel lazy, ask questions that this year will also pass without achieving blogging goals.

Build Passion for Blogging

It is very important to have passion for blogging and to learn new about your interest. For example, being an Internet Marketing trainer I always search for new developments and techniques that will help me excel in the field. Keeping the blogging passion alive needs to be the top most priority for the New Year. It will help you motivated about your goal for blogging.

I hope this help you stay motivated for all the New Years to come. I would love to hear your New Year Resolutions in comments.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Adam Connell

    Ahmad, a great post thank you.

    I’m going to be focusing on pro-active blogging and a few others for your list throughout 2013.