Self Destruction of an Email Marketing List

First of all, I am not going against each successful internet marketer and experts who focus on creating an email list so many times that I think if you don’t have an email list you will go out of the industry!

If you ask an expert how to be successful, and the answer would build an email list!

Everyone has their own personal opinions, and I know each successful blogger have email marketing as a top priority.

Why I Self Destructed My Email List?

I was using Aweber successfully, and I must say it is one of the best services to build an email list. I even followed some of the expert’s ideas for creating an email list.

I offered free giveaway! I got many subscribers… I also offered an e-book free! (it is like catching fish hey, I got something attractive come on give me your email).

I even though about spending good money on custom thesis theme skin for free so that I can build an email list. Another way to attract subscribers!

It might be the wrong decision that I have finally self destructed my email list.

I am happy because I don’t write too many emails. I don’t send my subscribers crazy affiliated links for commissions. Most of all, I am not planning to launch my product or anything that I will sell.

However, I have a vision that I will start something big. It is not the right time to build an email list and manage it.

I am successfully running my SEO Company and giving it full-time.

Why I am not Obsessed with Email Marketing?

When someone argues on that email marketing is not good, or it is like sending spam email, people will say harsh words. I have seen some experts rudely replying to few people who argue for sending too many emails.

A worst reply I ever heard was “I don’t need people who have no time to read my emails so you don’t have to be in my email list.” Wow! Yes, I don’t want to disclose the names here, but it happened.

I have so many examples of people being successful without an email list.

Sometimes, getting emails for latest posts! I have already subscribed to RSS of my favourite blogs. However, I don’t want to receive emails.

It is one of the reasons that I don’t want to run an email marketing campaign.

I have long-term plans and intend to build an email, but not at this stage.

Emails Overloaded

Sometimes people receive too many emails that they ignore automated emails from different blogs and companies. I tend to read only those emails that are written by hand by the owner.

I am busy in managing my companies that I don’t want to send automated email messages or blog posts.


I am taking down my email list and subscription form. However, you can subscribe via RSS, and I think it is the best option for every reader to stay updated. It will send you only quality posts not any affiliated, marketing and promotional emails.

Good News! You don’t have to subscribe and put your emails now in future giveaways. I will work out on a different model to offer valuable stuff.

I would like to hear your thoughts negative thoughts about email marketing because we have thousands of posts in favour of email marketing.

7 Responses to “Self Destruction of an Email Marketing List”
  1. Martin

    Thanks for explaining why internet marketers are obsessed in email. You have a very informative post.

  2. cmichaelsny

    I tends to be as simple as getting what you pay for. When wanting things for nothing, well that’s basically what you get.

  3. Karyn18

    I really don’t go for email marketing. I’m more into the social media.
    Thanks for some info about this.

  4. Steven Papas

    There is more than one way to skin a cat. I think you can make a website profitable in so many ways that to rely on just one way seems small minded.

  5. Pete Goumas

    Hi Wali,
    It’s the first post I read on against email marketing and we have to do alot effort in email marketing first then we could see its result.

    • Wali

      Hey I am not against email marketing just my thoughts because right now I cannot manage properly.

  6. Neil

    I believe that many people do not read these emails and many of them get caught up in spam folders. That said, I guess if you have an email list numbering a couple of hundred thousand it could make you money. It will take an awfully long time to build a list this size.