Social Media Craze, Establishing Your Business

From recent years, I can see the changing trends over the year. Once, there was a MIRC era, Yahoo Chat and MSN. The idea started with the basic chatting and now the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc have changed the whole thing, it is a combination of everything. You can create business pages, groups, add friends, get the recommendations, and even you can reach everyone in the world. Even now the Search Engine Optimization is left behind and Social Media Optimization has taken over.

Establishing your business is now very important, you can introduce your brand in minutes to the whole world. Social media have revolutionized the world, and a survey shows that people use social media websites on their hand held’s like Twitter, Facebook more than checking their emails. If you are not utilizing the power of social media, then your competitors will go ahead.


First I will discuss facebook, it is the largest social media website you are probably familiar with Facebook. You can create business pages, groups and advertise to millions of people in the world. The best thing Facebook is that you can market your product to international markets. You can convey your website/blog message to everyone in the world. Another edge is Facebook advertising, which is a powerful pay per click advertising to reach the specified areas of the world. You can target the different age groups to avoid wrong audience viewing your business pages, groups, websites and blogs. You can also advertise your affiliate links and partnerships on Facebook, which will cover all your advertising costs and makes you so much money. You can find Facebook coupons to get your campaigns started without any cost.


There is a business focused social media website LinkedIn, which is good for business individuals. You can enter all your working history, business history, job history in your profile to attract the companies. You can also ask for recommendations from your past employers. The good thing about LinkedIn is that there are only professional individuals are registered.


Twitter is a very famous tool to promote your brand, personality or business. You can post small updates about latest news and events. Your followers will see those updates and are able to access the latest topics. Even the celebrities are on twitter with verified accounts; they keep in touch with their fans and post news about their daily routines. You can provide latest contests only for the twitter followers.


MySpace is also a good social media website, but now facebook has taken over. However, there are millions of people on MySpace and still the second largest social media website after facebook. MySpace is the only competitor of facebook with similar services. You can advertise your videos, news, and websites on MySpace as well.


You can hire the services of Social Media Optimizers and experts to create your business pages, accounts on these websites. The best thing is that you can earn money by learning the social media optimization and businesses can get their business advertised to millions of people in affordable rates.