Social Media Websites Increasing Stress Levels Specially Facebook

I was reading the latest news and developments about social media, and I saw an interesting article that social media is increasing stress levels. I have seen a lot of people getting frustrated because of Facebook and they are almost online for 10 hours a day on average. Users are getting more anxious to know about the latest updates and news from their friends. Most of the teenagers are also keeping an eye on changing relationships of their friends. Many are creating fake profiles to fool their friends with beautiful cyber girl pictures. However, social media is the best way to stay in touch to the latest developments and news. You can even establish a successful small business on social media websites.

There are news about criminals publishing their stories on social media websites. Especially, facebook is getting popular in colleges and universities. Some of the networks are blocking access to facebook in colleges and universities because students found in uploading exploiting pictures of their friends.

Social media are causing people to become increasingly anxious, as users feel pressured to be constantly connected, a new survey conducted in Australia reported on Monday.

According to the Cenovis Chill Pill Survey released on Monday, 63 percent of respondents agreed that social media is contributing to stress levels.

About 37 percent of these people feel under pressure to be in constant contact, and 35 percent said there is an expectation to respond quickly to messages.

Thirteen percent of stressed users said they feel pressure to be humorous in writing status updates on social media, such as Facebook.

The survey was conducted by Galaxy research on behalf of sanofi- aventis Consumer Healthcare, interviewing 420 Australians over 18 years of age.

After reading this interesting survey result most of you might agree that social media websites are creating more stress. It is better to use the channel for creative purposes otherwise it will cause you more anxiety.

2 Responses to “Social Media Websites Increasing Stress Levels Specially Facebook”
  1. Zeeshan

    I think these websites should be ban for 1 months so that people can enjoy fresh air. Everyone seem to be addicted with these websites. Facebook being the worst. I heard lot of funny things. You are right many fake ID by low life losers.

  2. Yena

    Nope, I don’t think that facebook gives stress to it’s affiliates. In fact I use facebook to relieve me from stress by looking at those pictures and friends that I had long time missed. It gives me a new idea on what I should do for the entire time during weekend.