Top 10 SEO Tactics That You Should Avoid

I have been in and out of blogging world, but I kept myself updated with latest SEO trends and news. I am surprised to learn that people still follow SEO methods that do not work anymore. However, there might be difference in opinion, but Google look at your website in a different way now as it used to be back in 2010. SEO has evolved a lot from just link building to user experience and relevancy.

Most of the people think that SEO still works in the same way as it used to be in 2010, but the picture is different now. Google does not value methods that you use to optimize your website. Let’s have a look at some of the old school tactics.

1. Article Submissions 10-methods-avoid-seo

If you are still focusing all your efforts in building backlinks from article websites, then it is about time to re-evaluate your whole link building strategy. It was a good method once, when people used to share crap content and enjoy all the rankings.

Now, only authors with consistent writing background can leverage from It is useless to do article submission for rankings. You can share your high quality content just for the sake of good traffic and building author trust rank.

2. Anchor Text Link Building

I see people defining a percentage that this amount of links should use your keywords in anchor and this amount should use different keywords. Anchor text link building is now not effective anymore regardless of percentage used.

Google now prefer relevancy more than keywords based anchors. If your website is relevant, then Google will give more value. It is best to base your link building efforts on relevancy than anchor text variations.

3. Thin Content

It is well defined after the Panda update that there will never be room for thin content. Now you have to sweat a little in creating compelling content that ranks higher in search engines. If you are still focusing your efforts on writing thin content, then probably you need to look for an SEO school.

4. Guest Post Exchanging

Recently, I have seen people exchanging guest posts. I remember link exchange and Google strict policies for exchange a link. This method is not yet flagged, but as I look at the speed it is growing. Google will soon penalize all the Guest Post exchangers. It is again a matter of destroying a good system of Guest Posting.

5. Automation

Robots and software are never reliable to run your SEO campaigns. People still look for automated tools to boost their SEO. Any shortcut or overnight way to promote your website is a fool’s game.

6. Outsourcing SEO to Cheap Link Builders

It is very interesting that people outsource their SEO to cheap link builders who will build thousands of low quality and spammy links to your website. It hurts your business so bad that you cannot stand on your feet again. I am not sure why people even try these?

7. Blog Comment Spam

Again, I see a lot of people still believe that X number of spammy links won’t hurt your website. It actually helps your website to gain rankings, it is not true. If Google finds you are involved in spammy link building, you will hit by the Penguin.

8. Social Bookmark Spam

There are thousands of spammy social bookmarking websites that people often use to build backlinks. Some of them recommend not using directly to your main website, but using them to tier link building structure. I don’t know why do you even waste your time and money on such tactics?

9. Ignoring Usability and Design

It is very important how visitors react to your website. Google do collect behavioural signals from your website to maintain and provide relevant search results. People often ignore the most important element of optimizing the website for users. Design is very important to reduce the bounce rate of any website.

10. Optimizing for Search Engines

I always hear optimize the website for search engines, but I never see people optimizing their website for the users. Ultimately, you want visitors on your website to have a good experience not Google. When you optimize your website for users, you actually optimize it for Google.

Do You Still Follow these SEO Methods?

I like to hear your opinion on tactics that you think are now obsolete. Or do you disagree that these methods are still effective.

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  1. Nirali

    nice article i totally agree with your point when we get more bad links to our website then it will affect website traffic and popularity on web also. thanks for sharing.