Top 3 Best Adsense Alternatives for Entrepreneurs

You may be familiar with this topic very much and so many alternatives to adsense will pop up in mind.

How many did you personally used as alternatives to adsense?

To be honest, it is very hard to find potential high paying good adsense alternative. However, you can find good ways to alternatively monetize your blog.

adsense For entrepreneurs, it is quite difficult to find single best paying program. There are some benefits for using adsense and some disadvantages. As, most of the entrepreneur bloggers start their journey with adsense. It is probably the simplest and easiest way to get some good income.

However, what if your account gets disabled due to nonsense reason and you will never know the real issue. Imagine, you are dreaming about building an empire online, but Google strikes and disable your account for life. The horror starts for bloggers because they don’t have knowledge or every used other monetizing platform.

It is always a good idea to keep other programs in your list as a top priority. And never base your entire income on a single program because you can never expect personal favours from Adsense or any other network.

Based on my experience, following are the best alternatives to adsense.



Chitika is probably the best alternative to Adsense, and surprisingly many people are not familiar with Chitika premium ads. It is a good platform for advertisers as well as for publishers to earn extra income by using on websites and blogs.


The pay-per-click earning is good if your visitors are based in USA, Canada and UK. The ads are available in different sizes that convert very well. Unlike adsense, good customer support to your queries. Yahoo’s publisher network is also part of Chitika now.


Income will be low for those targeting countries that are not preferred in Chitika network. It is only best for USA, UK and Canada related traffic. If you have tech-related  websites or blog related to different products, it is probably the best monetizing program.

My Verdict

It is a good alternative if you have a blog for USA or Canada related audience. It is is the best alternative to adsense because you have different ad choices.



Clicksor is the second best alternative to adsense and liked many publishers. There are no tough requirements to take part in the program. It is easy to use and implement. You can get customer friendly support for your queries.


Widely used by many advertisers and publishers. You can say it is the second most favourite program after Google Adsense. The earning potential is good if you know how to take advantage of Clicksor.


Pop up ads are rather ignored and annoyed to your visitors. Most professional bloggers do not use pop under ads and pop-up ads. You will lose valuable readers because of annoying advertisements.

My Verdict

Personally, I don’t use it on my money blogs because I value my subscribers and readers. However, you can turn of pop-up ads and utilize other options. After adsense, only Clicksor can pay you good as adsense if you monetize wisely.



Infolinks is very much similar to Clicksor and both provide almost similar monetizing options. Infolinks is widely used by bloggers. It is perfect for review websites and blogs with valuable information.


You will likely to earn more with this program as compared to other networks. You can choose between the different sets of advertisements to monetize your blog. First choice for people having disabled adsense accounts.


Like Clicksor, no one likes pop-up ads or click under ads. You will lose valuable subscribers, but you have to choose between income and readers.

My Verdict

It is a good program to get extra income because most of the blogs with high traffic do not know that Infolinks can make good monthly income.


Chitika, Clicksor and Infolinks are my personal best choices for every entrepreneur bloggers as an adsense alternatives. However, no program can match Google Adsense. I recommend using these networks because you are on higher risk if you are using only Google Adsense.

I would like to know about your best money-making  program please comment.

One Response to “Top 3 Best Adsense Alternatives for Entrepreneurs”
  1. Asad Shamsi

    Infolinks should be ahead of clicksor. I’ve used all three and only infolinks is giving me good results, Chitika would too but it only shows ads to some countries.