Top 7 Effective Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs in 2012

In 2012, the success of your online business depends on interactive marketing tactics. I have gathered 5 effective tips to illustrate how you can win customers. effective marketing tips 2012

SMS Text Marketing

More and more people are now accessing web and using smart-phones to purchase products. In holiday season (end of 2011), sales, sky rocketed with more purchases were made from cell phones.

Local businesses, online entrepreneurs and local shops can reach customers by text marketing and offering them special discounts.

People often look for discounts and FREE offers. You can make your SMS marketing successful by offering lucrative offers.

Going Mobile

As the trends show in holiday season people made purchases using mobile phones. The increase of QR codes for mobiles and websites increases the sales.

You can create mobile versions of your website and offer QR codes to access your web store. Another advantage is that people can now buy products using their cell phones without credit cards.

Subscription Module

More and more businesses are moving towards a subscription module of monthly, bi-yearly or yearly. The benefit of this system is that you get a regular income stream.

Instead of paying a one-time fee you will get regular income streams. In start, you can offer huge discounts to your subscription service to attract subscribers.

Smart entrepreneurs set a break-even point and offer good discounts and after the discount period is over you will start earning revenue.

Triggered Emails

Triggered emails are very useful email newsletter service that is sent out on behavioural actions of the customer. Some customer fills in all the details and leaves the shopping cart, but you can contact them back with discount offers.

You can send newsletters on similar products with discount to get more sales. This tactic will be useful in 2012.

Video Endorsements

Video marketing is a good tactic to attract more customers, but many small businesses and entrepreneurs are not availing this option. You can utilize all the free mediums like youtube, vimeo or dailymotion to promote your products.

You can offer something useful to the customers or something unique. Your video will also get rankings in search engines if you optimize them properly.

Free Contest & Giveaways

It is very useful for making your brand go viral. People will spread the news about free giveaways and offers. You do not need to work hard on developing a complete media plan.

You can offer these giveaways and contests on your website or on facebook business page.

Press Release & Media Marketing

It is one of the oldest methods to attract customers to your website, but still the most effective one to get the attention of millions of users.

You can use online distribution channels to launch your press releases about products and services. Press releases are often distributed at special events, and you can create one by offering special discounts, launch/re-launch of products and services.


How do you plan to improve your marketing tactics effective in 2012?

2 Responses to “Top 7 Effective Marketing Tips For Entrepreneurs in 2012”
  1. Tony Seruga

    Press release is a very old process of marketing.Online seo is the best way of promoting business.In this sense people are getting more more money from it.

    • Wali

      I have un-spammed your comment to reply. SEO is a very slow process and press releases is part of SEO strategy. You can get instant marketing results with press release. When you talk about SEO you’ll be looking at too many things keyword rankings, keyword research, on page, backlinks.