Why a Start-Up Needs a Blog?


November 7, 2011BloggingNo comments

I believe in business, there is no stagnant standing. Either we move forward or we move backward. Either you plan future before anyone else and implement the changes or let others pass you by, who make conscious decisions in time to reach where you wanted to be once.

Choosing the right platform for business success is also very crucial. Participating in social networking and taking benefits from it is one such thing that needs proper planning and implementation according to plans for good results. Social media blogging is one such medium that creates confusion in start-ups regarding its use. Why it is necessary to have blog and what will be written in the blog posts when business is just at the initial stage.

Before going to the actual subject, let me ask you one question that why you read blogs?

I read large numbers of blogs related to internet marketing and e-commerce to keep me updated about latest happening in the world and sometimes to go back in the layers of time to discover what was scripted at particular time. If you are a start-up and going to read this blog, well and good, but I will be happier if you “write” and provoke others to read your words.

Let me try to answer few of your questions that every newbie has in mind.

Why should you write a blog?

Why you are online? Are you a newbie businessman or a freelancer? Whosoever you are, the ultimate purpose of getting online means you want to reach a target audience, access your customers’ core demands, understand the market trends, market your products or services or simply getting engaged with “like minds” in a dialogue. A business blog is a great way to achieve all these purposes. In simple words, you wanted to make money online by establishing your ground.

Why I have started my blog? I am an SEO analyst and have to meet different entrepreneurs to offer my virtual services. I have almost same conversations over and over regarding my experience so I decided to sum up my area of interest, experience and services at somewhere that will be always available for future people, who might be interested in working with me. Therefore, I started my business blog. Though, I have not reached at my destination yet but people can expect a transparent, authentic and reliable piece of advice from me.

Whom should I Target?

Most of the times newbie remain confused about the nature of blog, what they must present in the blog and whom they should target. You may also be one of them who want to start a blog but may be confused with an idea what to write about? You must not be an expert in your field, who can offer advice to other newbie, neither should you. Neither should you target high end companies as your target market, when you don’t have anything in your portfolio to offer them.

Then who is your audience? Whom you are going to target?

Read out other blogs that match your area of interest to know what they offer, what kind of readers come there and whom they target? Once you get answers to all these questions, you can set your target audience quite well.

What should I write in Blog?

Now the next concern, what should I write in my blog? Are you passionate about writing? Are you knowledgeable enough to offer an advice? Are you able to manage a meaningful message till the end of a blog post? If all the answers are no, then you must be starting blog just be getting impressed from someone else and not by zeal. You have some else problem that you must figure out soon before launching an empty blog. Honestly!

Blog is a series of regular blog posts that are meaningful and helpful for the target audience. If you are an internet marketer and your innate passion is to write for the emerging technologies, then how you will be able to help your target audience? Staying within your field, bring out something novel to make an impression of thought leader. The easiest thing to do so is to pick up any hot debate of the time, break it into many parts and start writing. For instance, you want to share blogging tips with your audience, instead of writing all the tips in one post, you can make 10 posts from 10 points separately.

How should I mark my presence?

Today’s internet world is swarming with content but you can still mark your presence by being individual, who is different from the rest. Don’t imitate others. Mark your individuality just by being yourself. People want to know you, they want to see your words and they will judge all this in your initial few posts. Spread knowledge but don’t be so serious that people will reject your style, tagging it “bore”. Don’t try to be over-smart than others, just be open and light. Don’t add much humor in your posts and don’t make the posts sarcastic. Don’t be offensive and don’t try to be perfectionist in every post. Otherwise, you can never publish any content.

Get what your readers want from you and then deliver your words in their style. Be interactive with your audience and get to know their view point for better post next time.