Why Should You Not Compare Your Search Engine Optimization Metrics


September 23, 2012Inbound Marketing1 Comment

Everyone wants to get the best search engine optimized website and hire a number one internet marketer for their business. However, there are times when you question and compare your search engine optimization metrics with other websites in the industry.

It is good that you’ve identified your competition and benchmarking their white hat practices. Sometimes, it may lead to disaster of your business too. Why?

Time Escape

First thing you should consider is that no business has ever built overnight. It requires time and effort to get to the top. Your competition may have followed search engine practices from more than the time you can imagine. They have invested twice as much as your business. Over the years, brand name has evolved to get their businesses on top. They are consistently deploying internet marketing strategies to stay on top.

If you have done similar and failed to achieve, then it is the time that you change your internet marketing company.

Difference of Opinions

Remember that your internet marketing company is the best and the people you have hired are the best. You need to build trust and credibility in your SEOs to get the desired results. However, if you ask opinions from other SEOs, internet marketing companies, they will always point out the mistakes. They will try to prove to you that they are best and you are on zero level. Honest opinion is a blessing, when you found one!

Bad SEO Thoughts

Avoid any bad SEO thoughts when you hire someone because they will need some time to deliver good results. However, you can track search engine performance by going through the reports they hand over to you. If you ask too many questions and try to push things, then it may get your negative results.

Audit Your SEO

It is very important to keep a check on your search engine optimization strategies. It will keep you safe from search engine algorithm updates. You can hire the part-time specialist to audit the work to make sure everything is safe. This will make sure the growth of your business, but make sure auditor is not affiliated or want you to hire their services.

If you compare the audit with competitor, then always consider the efforts on both sides. The fair SEO audit will help you grow and negative audit will make your business more harm.

Search Analytics

Keep check on your search analytics and compare how your search engine optimization efforts have helped you increase the traffic. It is the best way to keep record of everything. There should be some impact on your traffic after even a small link building campaign.


I have seen many small businesses to benchmark their efforts to top competitors, but remember never to base your business on someone else business model. Your techniques should be unique to stand out.

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