Why Social Media is Not the Right Choice for You?

You might hear a lot of time many expert bloggers forcing you to join social media and create your strategy on Facebook, twitter, Google Plus and many more.

Is it a right choice for you to go social? social media building brand

No, It is not a right choice if you are a start-up and newbie blogger.


Simple answer is in my question that how you will bring Facebook page likes and twitter followers without having anything?

First, you have to create a brand for your blog and bring subscribers to your blog. When there are no readers of your blog who will like your Facebook page and who will follow you on Twitter?

On the other hand, if you have a good number of subscribers on your blog, you will get more likes on your page, and you will get twitter followers without any promotion.

It is an entirely wrong concept to work more on social media to promote your brand. Ultimately, you are actually finding readers for your blog on social media.

What if there is not enough valuable content for the readers?

Building a Brand

It is more important that you build a brand name for your blog. When people talk about your blog, they instantly know who is behind the success of the blog.

It is not too difficult in blogosphere to make your name because you will find many people ready to help at every single step.

One easiest way is to guest post on famous industry blogs to increase the audience of your blog. It will also help you increase your social score on twitter, Facebook and other websites.

Once you have your brand established, you will get social media love from readers.

Spend Time on Writing

There is a famous saying that “bloggers play with words.” It is important to do research on the topic before writing your blog post. It will reflect a good research work in your blog post.

It takes about two hours daily to write and do research on a certain topic. The best way to get ideas for writing is to visit news websites and famous blogs in your niche.

Remember, only one post in ten posts has a chance to be link bait, and if you manage to capture the fish with your bait you will get good results.

In The End…

Do not worry about social media because when you are famous and your blog is a brand; people will come and follow you on Twitter, likes your page and Plus one your posts.

However, if you focus on social media without building your blog, then you will be washed away far behind in blogosphere.

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2 Responses to “Why Social Media is Not the Right Choice for You?”
  1. Umair

    And how exactly you are supposed to create a brand name without social media? Also how a new blogger will drive traffic to his blog if he has a blog of high competition niche?

    • Wali

      If you are focusing on social media without having quality in your blog, then you are wasting your valuable time that you can spend in research and writing. Remember famous brands join social media to increase their followers, but what If a layman creates a page or a twitter account? No one would come and follow. There is always room for one more even in “tough niche”. For me there is not “tough nich” it is a quitters word. If you are considering SEO a tough niche, you can build a brand by activily reading, commenting on industry blogs and eventually you can send guest post requests to owners. Imagine, how much brand awareness you will get.